Healer (Recruit)

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Healer (ホイミン, Hoimin) is an infamous monster available in Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King.


Attribute Starting Stats Maximum Stats
Hero's Level 10 70
HP 48 245
MP 12 95
Attack 27 152
Agility 20 242
Defence 26 248
Exp 44
Gold 26
Bonus turn contribution 1.3
Abilities Heal


The Family Doctor can be found at the beach between the Alexandria region and Port Prospect at any time.


In the Japanese version, Healer is named Hoimin (ホイミン), which is the name of the original healslime companion of Ragnar McRyan in Dragon Quest IV. Hoimin has also been used as the name for various Healslime companions throughout the series. Healer's English name is taken from the original localized name of the Healslime enemy.


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