World of Light

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The World of Light is the main overworld of Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King.

It is the first time in the Dragon Quest series that the Overworld was made to look larger compared to the previous installments which looked more like overhead maps. Numerous treasure chests are added to make the exploration rewarding, as well as cows that each have a bottle of Fresh milk.

This World is a counterpart to the World of Darkness.

Kingdoms & Regions[edit]

Kingdom of Trodain[edit]

Farebury Region[edit]

Alexandria Region[edit]

Maella Region[edit]

Kingdom of Ascantha[edit]

Pickham Region[edit]

Baccarat Region[edit]

Kingdom of Argonia[edit]

Arcadia Region[edit]

Blizzard Peaks[edit]


Northwest Isle[edit]