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The Monster Arena is a recurring feature in many Dragon Quest games, especially the Dragon Quest Monster sub-series, frequently found as part of the Casino.

The DQM version allows the player to enter creatures he has raised in a fighting tournament; the Casino version calls on him to bet a number of tokens on a particular monster, then receives a multiplier (based on odds) of tokens back in winnings, which can then be forwarded to the next round.


Dragon Quest III: The Seeds of Salvation[edit]

The first arena is found in Romaria, complimenting the Roman theme to the kingdom. Arenas are also located in Isis, Manoza, and Cantlin. As casino tokens are not in III, players bet gold on their favorite and receive multiples of the bet based on the the winner's odds. New monsters are added to the randomly selected line up at level 10, 20, 30, 40 and 70.

Dragon Quest IV & Dragon Quest V[edit]

Zenithian trilogy arenas are found in the various casinos, where players will bet tokens to exchange for prizes instead of money. The winning bet is multiplied by the monster's odds as before, with an option to bet the winnings on the next battle.

Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Revelation[edit]

Slimopolis replaces the standard arena in VI, where in players can enter one of their bubbly buddies as a competitor. The fights consists of eight ranks with three battles each, for a total of twenty-four. A prize is awarded for each victory, and any completed rank may be challenged again for free (save for rank A).

Rank Opponents Prize
Rookie class Round 1: Slime knight x3
Round 2: Toxic turnip, Wild carrot, Scare root
Round 3: Skullrider
Hermes' hat
Beginner class Round 1: Feralbeast x4, Ruffled goon
Round 2: Animated armourx2
Round 3: Arrghgoyle
Edged boomerang
Amateur class Round 1: Gustbluster x2, Undentured servant
Round 2: Lesser demonx2, Healslime
Round 3: Jumping jackal
Poison needle
Economy class Round 1: Dreamaerax2
Round 2: Battering ram
Round 3: Diethon
Slime armour
Business class Round 1: Noble gasbagon x2, Gasbagon
Round 2: Cureslime x2
Round 3: Haunted mirror
Icicle dirk
Veteran class Round 1: Hell niño, Corpse corporal, Porker
Round 2: Freezing fog, Mottle mendslime, Splutterfly
Round 3: Axesaurus x2
Falcon knife earrings
Expert class Round 1: Scytheborg, Bomboulder, Overkilling machine, Brimstone bulb
Round 2: Czargoyle 2, Drastic drackal
Round 3: Living statue
Metal king shield
Master class Round 1: Sluggerslaught x4, Wraithwand x2
Round 2: Pudgedevil, Iron tortoise
Round 3: Demon overlord
Championship bout: Hammer
Dragonic Diligence

Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King[edit]

The monster arena is located near Pickham, and is owned by Morrie. After completing his request to battle three infamous monsters, he allows the party to play in his pit.

In the 3DS version, Morrie will join the party as a playable character after beating Rank S and there is also a new rank to battle against. Rank S can be attempted immediately after the hero and party take care of matters in Arcadia as Morrie mentions needing time to get his friends to arrive.

Rank Opponents Prize Morrie's reward
G Round 1: She-slimex2, Slime Knight
Round 2: Frogfacex2, Treeface
Round 3: Hammerhood, Gorerilla, Bullfinch
Strength Ring Three reserve monster slots
F Round 1: Khalamari kidx2, King kelp
Round 2: Dingalingx2, Jargon
Round 3: Dancing devil, Wailin' weed, Redtail hipster
Bunny suit Train against your own team
E Round 1: Jailcatx2, Terror tabby
Round 2: Hipster, Minidemon, Witch
Round 3: Magic marionette, Tap devil, Volpone
Ring of Clarity Call team
D Round 1: Night fox, Night emperor, Night sneaker
Round 2: Skeleton, Walking corpse, Mummy
Round 3: Brownie x2, Hood
Mighty Armlet Three additional reserve slots
C Round 1: See urchinx2, Siren
Round 2: Mecha-mynah, Hunter mech, Clockwork cuckoo
Round 3: Fencing fox, Bone baron, Phantom fencer
Saint's Ashes None
B Round 1: Dragurn, Tyrantosaurus, Snapdragon
Round 2: Stone guardian, Boss troll, Golem
Round 3: Rockbomb, Stone golem, Living statue
Bardiche of binding Extra monster team
A Round 1: Frou-frou, Cyclops, Troll
Round 2: Jumping jackalx2, Great sabrecat
Round 3: Zombie gladiator, Treevil, Bomboulder
Hero spear Unlocks rank S
S Round 1: Goodybag, Mimic king, Mimic
Round 2: Dullahan, Healslime, Gigantes
Round 3: Liquid Metal Slime, Hell gladiator, Cureslime
Dragon robe No reentry fees, statue of the hero, Morrie joins party in 3DS version
X Round 1: Slime knight, Fencing fox, Restless armour
Round 2: Goodybag, Bone baron, Gold golem
Round 3: Treeface, Morrie devil, Treevil
Butler's best None

Additionally, Morrie can't be leading the party when in the Monster Arena as he will be in his usual place and can only revive fallen monsters when at the Arena.

Dragon Quest Monsters[edit]

Unlike most games, the arena is a mandatory element in Dragon Quest Monsters. To qualify for the Starry Night Tournament, Terry must defeat his rivals in the arena and become the representative of GreatTree. The arena is located on the second-to-top floor of the kingdom (one floor below the castle) and can be accessed after Terry clears the Gate of Beginning.

While it is highly recommended that the player completes one class at a time, only three of the classes are required: Classes G, D, and S. All the other classes can be skipped if the player is able and wishes to do so. However, this risks the loss of breeding opportunities with NPC's so it is not recommended. Once a class is cleared, the player cannot compete in it, and any lower classes he may have skipped, again. At the beginning, Classes G to D will be available. After the player clears Class D (and the Gate of Anger afterwards), Classes C to S will be available. The third round of each class will be against a particular NPC the player is familiar with. These challengers are as followed: the principal, the doctor under the well, Teto, Master Mick, Teto, the tired guy in the restaurant, Master May, and the Medal Man.

In addition, the Starry Night Tournament takes place in the arena. It will be available after the player clears Class S and the Gate of Reflection. There is no fee to compete in the tournament. Even if the player loses the tournament, he can keep trying until he wins (just like the other arena battles).

After the player wins the tournament and returns to GreatTree, a new challenger will be available to battle in the arena. Unlike previous instances, there will be only one battle rather than three. The player can battle this legendary master as many times as he wishes.

The player will not be allowed to use items during the arena battles. Furthermore, he cannot give direct commands to his monsters. The only control the player has with his monsters' actions are setting their tactics to Charge (attacking abilities), Mixed (support abilities), and Cautious (healing abilities). The fourth option (which is usually chosen for giving direct orders) is replaced with a No Special option (which ensures the monster uses ordinary attacks rather than abilities). There is a higher chance for the monster to adhere to its given tactics if it has a low wilderness value and if its personality is correspondent to said tactic. Choosing the "Run" option will be considered a forfeit.

Rank Opponents Prize Cost
G Round 1: Drackyx2, Anteater
Round 2: Slimex2, Stubsuck
Round 3: Spookyx2, Walking corpse
Gate of Villager, Gate of Talisman None
F Round 1: SpotSlimex3
Round 2: MudDollx2, Almiraj
Round 3: PutrePup, MadRaven, SkullRoo
Gate of Memories, Gate of Bewilder 10 G
E Round 1: Crespent, TreeSlime, Poisongon
Round 2: DrakSlime, Dragon, FairyDrak
Round 3: Snailyx2, Armorpede
Gate of Peace, Gate of Bravery 50 G
D Round 1: Saccer, FloraJay, MadPlant
Round 2: MedusaEyex2, MadGopher
Round 3: MadCat x2, RogueNite
Gate of Anger 100 G
C Round 1: SpikyBoyx2, StubBird
Round 2: Healerx2, RogueNite
Round 3: BoxSlimex2, RockSlime
Gate of Joy, Gate of Wisdom 500 G
B Round 1: Hammermanx3
Round 2: AgDevil, WindMerge, TreeBoy
Round 3: ArmyCrabx2, MadDragon
Gate of Happiness, Gate of Temptation 1000 G
A Round 1: FireWeed, EvilBeast, Wyvern
Round 2: Grizzlyx2, Lionex
Round 3: Toadstoolx2, Lipsy
Gate of Labyrinth, Gate of Judgment 5000 G
S Round 1: DanceVegix2, Voodoll
Round 2: Slime, Dracky, ArmyAnt
Round 3: Metabble, Roboster, MetalDrak
Gate of Reflection 10000 G
Starry Night Tournament Round 1: Centasaur, Orochi, Swordgon
Round 2: Andreal, Unicorn, MadDragon
Round 3: MetalKing, Coatal, RainHawk
None None
Master Monster Tamer GoldSlime, Divinegon, RoseVine None None

Dragon Quest Monsters 2[edit]

The arena in GreatLog can be accessed after the player clears the Oasis Key events. Only the Kids' Class is required to complete the game as its prize is required to progress. Afterwards, Classes C to S will be available. The player will obtain a Magic Key for clearing each class. Once the player clears S Class, he or she can compete in any of the four classes, which will have randomized and much more powerful opponents. The prizes for clearing these classes are random and of higher quality the higher the class. If the player's inventory is full, he or she will receive 6000 G instead. The battling rules are the same as in Dragon Quest Monsters. The fixed monster teams will vary slightly depending on the version.

Rank Opponents Prize Cost
Kids Round 1: Babblex2, PearlGel
Round 2: SpikyBoy, Pixy, Dracky*, Eggplanton*
Round 3: MadRaven x2, KiteHawk*, SkullRoo*
Pirate Key None
C Round 1: WindBeast, Gismo, PomPomPom*, Poisongon*
Round 2: Devipine, Gulpple, Eggplanton*, Toadstool*
Round 3: HammerMan, StubSuck, TreeBoy*, HammerMan*
Magic Key 100 G*, 1000 G*
B Round 1: TreeBoyx2, FooHero
Round 2: Mommonjax2, Drygon
Round 3: HerbMan, DanceVegi, MudDoll
Magic Key 500 G*, 2000 G*
A Round 1: Shadow*, MadConder, CloudKing*, Starfish*, Swordgon*
Round 2: Octoreach, Octogon, KingSquid
Round 3: MistyWing, CopyCat, NiteWhip
Magic Key 1000 G*, 3000 G*
S Round 1: Goopix2*, PomPomPomx2*, Servant
Round 2: ArmyCrabx2, DarkCrab, Dracky, ArmyAnt
Round 3: GigaDraco*, Orochi*, Serpentia*, DrakSlime*, MetalKing*, MimeSlime*
Magic Key 5000 G