Morrie's Place

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Morrie's Place is the first name given for the Monster Arena in Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King when using Zoom or a Chimaera wing to return there.


The Monster Arena is located near Pickham, and is owned by Morrie. After completing his request to battle three infamous monsters, he allows the Hero and party to play in his pit.

In the 3DS version, Morrie will join the party as a playable character after beating Rank S and there is also a new rank to battle against. Rank S can be attempted immediately after the Hero and party take care of matters in Arcadia as Morrie mentions needing time to get his friends to arrive.

Additionally, Morrie can't be leading the party when in the Monster Arena as he will be in his usual place and can only revive fallen monsters when at the Arena.

Opponents and Prizes[edit]

Rank Opponents Prize Morrie's reward
G Round 1: She-slimex2, Slime knight
Round 2: Frogfacex2, Treeface
Round 3: Hammerhood, Gorerilla, Bullfinch
Strength ring Three reserve monster slots
F Round 1: Khalamari kidx2, King kelp
Round 2: Dingalingx2, Jargon
Round 3: Dancing devil, Wailin' weed, Redtail hipster
Bunny suit Train against your own team
E Round 1: Jailcatx2, Terror tabby
Round 2: Hipster, Minidemon, Witch
Round 3: Magic marionette, Tap devil, Volpone
Ring of clarity Call team
D Round 1: Night fox, Night emperor, Night sneaker
Round 2: Skeleton, Walking corpse, Mummy
Round 3: Brownie x2, Hood
Mighty armlet Three additional reserve slots
C Round 1: See urchinx2, Siren
Round 2: Mecha-mynah, Hunter mech, Clockwork cuckoo
Round 3: Fencing fox, Bone baron, Phantom fencer
Saint's ashes None
B Round 1: Dragurn, Tyrantosaurus, Snapdragon
Round 2: Stone guardian, Boss troll, Golem
Round 3: Rockbomb, Stone golem, Living statue
Bardiche of binding Extra monster team
A Round 1: Frou-frou, Cyclops, Troll
Round 2: Jumping jackalx2, Great sabrecat
Round 3: Zombie gladiator, Treevil, Bomboulder
Hero spear Unlocks rank S
S Round 1: Goodybag, Mimic king, Mimic
Round 2: Dullahan, Healslime, Gigantes
Round 3: Liquid metal slime, Hell gladiator, Cureslime
Dragon robe No reentry fees, statue of the Hero, Morrie joins party in 3DS Version
X Round 1: Slime knight, Fencing fox, Restless armour
Round 2: Goodybag, Bone baron, Gold golem
Round 3: Treeface, Morrimp, Treevil
Butler's best None

Other languages[edit]

Language Translation Meaning
ICON-FLAG-ES.png EspañolCasa de Morrie
ICON-FLAG-FR.png FrançaisChez Morry
ICON-FLAG-DE.png DeutschCasa di Morrie
ICON-FLAG-IT.png ItalianoCasa di Morrie



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