Butler's best

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Butler's best
DQVIII Butlers Best.png
Japanese バトラースーツ
Old localizations None
Found in Dragon Quest VIII
Dragon Quest X
Effect Protects wearer against harmful status effects. (VIII only)

The butler's best is a piece of clothing introduced in the 3DS version of Dragon Quest VIII. It is a stylish suit for butlers that protects against various status ailments.


Dragon Quest VIII[edit]

The butler's best has a defence bonus of +100 and increases resistance against sleep, paralysis, and confusion by 50%. It can only be equipped by Angelo and it changes his appearance when worn. The butler's best is obtained by winning the new Rank X at the Monster Arena. It can be sold for 9,700 gold, but it is not recommended to do so as there is only one in the game.

Dragon Quest X[edit]

The butler's best appears as a special costume for players that can be purchased for 500 Crysta. It can be worn by any race or vocation.


A suit that softens susceptibility to sleep and states of confusion and paralysis.


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