Maella Region

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The Maella Region is the third region visited in Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King. It is located on the northwestern section of the southeast continent and is visited after the party takes the ferry from Port Prospect.

After leaving Port Prospect, the party can visit Maella Abbey where they meet Abbot Francisco, Angelo and Marcello. The nearby town of Simpleton is located just south of the Abbey.


Peregrin Quay[edit]

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A port town located on the northwestern shore of the continent. The party lands here in pursuit of Dhoulmagus after taking the ferry from Port Prospect. Jessica joins the party and King Trode gives the player access to the Alchemy Pot.

Maella Abbey[edit]

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A church located south of Peregrin Quay headed by Abbot Francisco, one of the descendants of the Seven Sages. It is one of trinity of sacred sites in the world. The abbey takes in many displaced orphans and Abbot Francisco is well-known and beloved for his benevolence. However, the clergy and templars are growing corrupt under the leadership of Marcello.


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A small town located to the south of Maella Abbey. Angelo and some of the other brothers are known to sneak away from the abbey from time to time to enjoy a drink or card game at The Cock and Bull, the local pub. In the past, the town was much livelier and was run by Angelo and Marcello's father, who was the lord of the manor, but he died due to the plague. The party first meets Angelo here.

Ruined Abbey[edit]

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The former site of Maella Abbey which was abandoned due to the spread of the plague. It has become overrun with monsters and filled with poisonous swamps. It can be accessed by using a Templar's ring and contains a secret passage which leads to the Abbot's residence at Maella Abbey.

Unnamed Isle[edit]

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West of the Maella Abbey and can be accessed after obtaining the ship.


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Infamous monsters[edit]


Item Location
Magic water Treasure chest on hill to the right after leaving Peregrin Quay within the remains of a building.
Mini medal Treasure chest on cape far to the southwest of Peregrin Quay. Requires Magic Key to open.
Stone axe Treasure chest all the way to the right of Peregrin Quay. Past the ruins with the Magic water.
Feathered cap Treasure chest on hill to the right after leaving Peregrin Quay within the remains of a building. Past McHammer and requires Thief's Key to open.
Seed of strength East of small farm before Maella Abbey near southern riverbank. Requires Thief's Key to open.
Seed of wisdom Southeast next to mountains before reaching Maella Abbey. Requires Thief's Key to open.
Bunny tail Far south from Maella Abbey's southern exit along mountains. Requires Thief's Key to open.