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Call team is a summoning skill unique to VIII. Instead of a random extra-dimensional entity, using the skill brings forth the recruited monsters the party has amassed over the course of their journey.


The Hero will be taught how to use the skill after completing rank E of Morrie's monster arena. After the player bests rank B, they will summon one of two monster teams.


Call team costs 10 MP to use, and will summon one of the party's monster teams even if only one monster is present. Monsters that are not already vanquished will enter battle in peak condition, though if they fall, only Morrie can revive them.

The selected team will stay in battle for a minimum of three turns. Each monster has a hidden stat that affects the number of turns they can stay in battle, and the total is always rounded up. For example, if the sum of a three-monster team's staying power is 3.2, they will stay in battle for four turns.

Available monsters[edit]

Archer, Archfiend, Arges, Big Al, Bishop, Bladewolf, Blizag Jr, Bones, Brickman, Brontes, Bush-W, Capers, Clio, Cowboy, Curer, Cybot, Deadnoble, Dolldrums, Doug, Dumbking, Fat cat, Faunus, Flameman, Fletch, Foul fowl, Frillsaur, Goldman, Gryphus, Hackzilla, Hazel, Healer, Hev, Hoodwink, Hori, Hork, Jack Frost, Jewelbag, Jockey, Klub kong, Lonely Joe, McHammer, Mechabubo, Metabble, Metaly, Moppet, Mornstar, Nightwing, Nohi, Octurion, Orcus, Orrid, Pa Troll, Potbelly, Roborg, Robster, Sagittari, Salsa, Scorpius, Seasaw, Sippy, Skeledoid, Slurpy, Smiles, Snap Case, Spike, Spot, Squiggles, Steropes, Stoneman, Sugi, Talos, Torchman, Tori, Trick Bag, Twiggy

Special teams and bonuses[edit]

Monsters of the same family or appropriate theme will gain deathmoves or boosts to their stats when summoned together. These attributes will stack together: for example a team composed of all metal slimes will have Multi-Masher, Magic Burst, and the Slime Power HP doubler.

Clank and Spank[edit]

All team members are of the Machine family, activates Metal Panic – All team members attack a single foe, doing 50% more damage than normal.

Club Club[edit]

All team members have clubs: Arges, Brontes, Klub Kong, Pa Troll, Skeledoid, Squiggles, & Steropes. Activates Mind Breaker – All team members attack one enemy, and that enemy loses their turn.

Demented Elements[edit]

All team members belong to the Elemental family. Activates Elemental Storm – All team members and party members resistance to fire and ice damage increases, and a barrier reflects spells back to their caster.

Far From Heaven[edit]

All members belong to the Demon family and will receive an extra turn when called.

Full Metal Power[edit]

Team includes Hev and Metaly, activates Magic Burst deathmove.

Happy Together[edit]

Team includes Jewelbag and Trick Bag, and has no distinguishing features.

Just Beastly[edit]

All members belong to the Beast family, attack increased by 15 points.


All members belong to the Material family, and will receive an extra turn when called.

Mega Metal Maniacs[edit]

Team includes Hev and Metabble, and activates a unique version of Magic Burst that deals 110~130 damage to random enemies 3~10 times.

Metal Power[edit]

Team includes Metabble and Metaly, activates Magic Burst.

My Three Golems[edit]

Team consists of Brickman, Goldman, and Stoneman, who fuse into Mazin.

Not Quite Human[edit]

Team members belong to the Humanoid family, HP is increased by 15 points.

Slime Power![edit]

Team members belong to the Slime family, HP is doubled.

Slime Therapy[edit]

Two of the following: Curer, Healer, Metaly. Activates Multiheal, which heals the party in battle as well as the monsters.

Slime Time[edit]

Metaly and two normal slimes, activates Slime Spank – All team members attack a single foe, doing 50% more damage than usual.

Team Goodnight[edit]

Team consists of Capers, Hoodwink, and Nightwing. Activates Dirge – Reduces the defense of all team members and enemies to 0. This move uses the instant death element, so it will not work on bosses and metal slimes.

The Angry Archers[edit]

Team consists of Archer, Fletch, and Sagittari. Activates Harrowing Arrow – Arrows hit the entire enemy group for 116~124 Bang type damage. Team theme also increases max HP by 15.

The Aqua Marines[edit]

Team members belong to the Aquatic family, all team members' defense increases by 30.

The Avian Attackers[edit]

Team members belong to the Bird family, all team members' agility is increased by 30.

The Blade Runners[edit]

All team members have swords: Bones, Capers, Cybot, Dumbking, Foul Fowl, Jockey, Lonely Joe, Nohi, Roborg, Skeledoid, and Slimehopper. Activates Triple Swords – All team members attack a single foe, doing 50% more damage than normal.

The Drack Pack[edit]

Team members belong to the Dragon family, all team members' attack increased by 30.

The Dynamic Duo[edit]

Team consists of Orrid and Spike, activates Sapper Slapper – Orrid and Spike attack a single foe, and its defense is reduced.

The Fatal Attraction[edit]

Team consists of Faunus, Hazel, and Slimehopper. Activates Love Typhoon – A pink whirlwind hits a group of foes for 95~105 non-elemental damage.

The Hackers[edit]

All team members have axes: Bush-W., Hackzilla, Hoodwink, and Skeledoid. Activates Typhoeus' Maul – All team members attack a single foe, doing 50% more damage than normal. If the target is of the beast family, damage is doubled.

The Javelinas[edit]

All team members have javelins: Deadnoble, Octurion, Orcus. Activates Jolly Jousters – All team members attack eight enemies at random. Each attack deals 50% less damage than normal.

The King and Us[edit]

Team members are Healer, Curer, and Hev. Activates Maximaster – All dead team members are brought back to life and all team members are fully healed. All team members' defense is increased and all enemies' defense are decreased.

The Legends[edit]

Team consists of three of the following: Hori, Nohi, Sugi, Tori. Activates Big Bang.

The Nightriders[edit]

All team members are mounted: Deadnoble, Jockey, and Slimehopper. Activates Riders' Carnival – All team members attack a single foe, dealing double damage.

The Psyche Wards[edit]

Team consists of three of the following: Big Al, Hazel, Jewelbag, Trick Bag. Activates Tension Boost – All team members and party tension increase by two levels.

The Slime Squad[edit]

Team consists of plain slimes, activates Supersize Slimey – All team members merge into Ultrus.

The Treasure Hunters[edit]

Team includes Goldman and JewelBag, activates Good as Gold – Goldman and Jewelbag attack a single foe, and the party receives gold equal to half the damage dealt. Note that this cannot be used in the monster arena.

The Zombebops[edit]

Team members belong to the Undead family, HP increases by 50 points.

Trauma Centre[edit]

Team members are Metaly, Curer, and Healer. Activates Omniheal.

Triple Trouble[edit]

Team consists of Cybot, Nohi, Roborg. Activates Stream Killer Attack – All team members attack a single foe, dealing triple the usual damage.

Two Eyes[edit]

Team consists of Brontes and Steropes. Activates Sapper Slapper – Brontes and Steropes attack a single foe, and its defense is reduced.

Valentine's Day[edit]

Team consists of Dolldrums and Moppet, increases agility by 15 points.

Wizards o' Z[edit]

Team members are Metabble, Curer, and Healer. Activates Zingslinger – All dead team members are returned to life and all team members are completely healed.