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Call team is a summoning skill unique to VIII. Instead of a random extra-dimensional entity, using the skill brings forth the recruited monsters the party has amassed over the course of their journey.


The Hero will be taught how to use the skill after completing rank E of Morrie's monster arena. After the player bests rank B, will summon one of two monster teams.


Call team costs 10 MP to use, and will summon one of the party's monster teams even if only one monster is present. Monsters that are not already vanquished will enter battle in peak condition, though if they fall, only Morrie can revive them.

The selected team will stay in battle for a minimum of three turns. Each monster has a hidden stat that affects the number of turns they can stay in battle, and the total is always rounded up. For example, if the sum of a three-monster team's staying power is 3.2, they will stay in battle for four turns.