Mark of Erdrick

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Emblem of Erdrick
DQII Erdricks Emblem.png
Kana ロトのしるし
Old localizations Erdrick's Token, Loto's Token
Found in Dragon Quest
Dragon Quest II
Buy for N/A
Sell for 8 gold coins
Effect Proves Heritage

The Mark of Erdrick is a recurring, sacred artifact from the Dragon Quest series.


Dragon Quest[edit]

The mark can be located in the swamp south of Cantlin. It can easily be found by using the Princess Pledge to determine how far you are from Tantegel Castle. It is 70 steps south and 40 steps east of Tantegel Castle. The token is needed to prove The Hero's heritage to the wizard in the Sanctum so that he will create the Rainbow Drop.

"Let us wish the warrior well! May the light be thy strength! Thou may go and search. From Tantegel Castle travel 70 leagues to the south and 40 to the east."

Dragon Quest II[edit]

The token is found in Midenhall Castle, and can be sold for 8 gold coins due to the respawning chest containing it after. The old man in the Sanctum will give The Hero the Helmet of Erdrick in turn.

Dragon Quest III[edit]

Known as the Sacred amulet, the token makes its canonical first appearance in this game, where it is given to the hero by Rubiss after rescuing her from the Tower of Rubiss. The hero would pass this amulet down to his or her descendants as an emblem of heritage from the great hero Erdrick, though it has been lost prior to the start of Dragon Quest. In Dragon Quest III, it serves a practical purpose in battle, acting like an infinite usage Dieamend and protecting the hero from the likes of whack, thwack and kamikazee.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate[edit]

The symbol for the Dragon Quest series is the Mark of Erdrick.


Proof of descent from the legendary hero Erdrick.[1]
Proof of descent from the legendary hero Erdrick.[1]



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