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Nava (formerly Neris) is a character in the Dharma region in Dragon Quest VII.

HP MP Experience Gold
450-475 267 0g
Attack Defense Speed
Skills IceSlash, RainSlash, Two Turns
Spells Magicwall, Icebolt
Game Dragon Quest VII


Nava is a sick girl. Her illness is unknown but she is prone to fatigue. She lives with Zev, her younger brother. They travel to Alltrades Abbey. There, they are tricked by Cardinal Sin and are stripped of their abilities. They are exiled to Penal. There, she catches the eye of Eustace, much to the ire of her younger brother.


The party are taken in by Neris after their defeat by Suifu. Zaji complains that Neris is pushing herself too hard. Kasim enters the residence and hands Neris the WorldDew. Zaji gets jealous that Kasim is getting his older sister's attention. He tells Neris to lay down, which she does reluctantly. Zaji tells Kasim to stop bothering his sister to which Kasim replies that Neris can do whatever she wants. Kasim leaves.

When the party is defeated by Inopp and Gonz on the fourth floor of the West Cave they return to Penal again and collapse. The party awakens and finds themselves back at Neris and Zaji's residence. Zaji tells Neris that he wants to speak with her outside. He tells her that he is able to get Neris's medicine for her and that she doesn't need to flirt with Kasim. Neris tells him that she isn't flirting with him. Zaji storms off to talk to Kasim.

A pink warrior goes soul harvesting in a gambit to escape Penal. He encounters Kasim and he fights the Temple Guard while he is protecting Neris. Suifu comes and helps Kasim fight the pink warrior. They are able to overcome him. The pink warrior decides to attack Neris so that she will become the fifth soul he needs to get out of Penal. However, Zaji intercepts the attack. The attack is shallow so it doesn't take Zaji's soul but it was enough to warrant the monsters taking the pink warrior out of Penal. All of the people whose souls where taken, including Zaji is taken to the mountain settlement.

Neris is despondent because of the loss of her brother. Kasim decides that he will help Neris get back her brother. He tells the party that he knows that he is unable to help Neris by himself. He decides to ally himself with the party in order to save Neris's brother and Fosse. He tells the party to meet him in the cave west of Penal, the same cave in which Flower had betrayed them.

While they are traveling through the cave, Kasim gives Neris a hairband as a gift. Afterwards, the group reaches the mountain settlement where all of the remaining priests reside, guarded by the people who were attacked by the SoulSword. However, Zaji isn't there in the settlement.

There they find the Head Priest and Neris talking with Kasim. Kasim realizes that he must save Fosse. He decides to take Flower and the party with him. Kasim tells Neris to stay here while they rescue Fosse.

Zaji returns out of the blue, muttering to himself. The Head Priest is gone. Kasim notices that Neris doesn't have on the hairband that he gave her before in the West Cave. Neris claims that she lost it but Kasim isn't convinced. Unknown to them, this is actually Maneater in disguise.

The party find Zaji and Neris in a waiting room. Neris has taken up the SoulSword, wishing to kill the pink warrior who hurt Zaji. However, her illness, coupled with the dementia created by the SoulSword has made her unstable and erratic. Zaji tells Neris to give him the SoulSword, saying that she will feel better. However a monster stops Zaji, telling him that it is curious to see how far Neris will go in the tournament. Zaji storms off to talk to the monster running the arena to sign up but because he is by himself, the monsters do not allow him to participate. Zaji is forced to join forces with the party and hopes that he gets paired against Neris.

The party goes up against five other warriors partied with monsters. They defeat five of them until they take on Neris, the current champion. Neris comments that even her brother wants to kill her. Zaji tells her that he will save her. The party, with Zaji's help, are able to disarm Neris and return her Soulsword into her body, knocking her unconscious. Zaji wishes to attend to her, but with five victories and the defeat of the current champion, the monsters push the party and Zaji away, saying that they have earned their freedom. Kasim watches as the party is taken by the monsters. Zaji tells Kasim to take care of his sister. As the monsters escort them off the stage, Zaji runs back, thanking the party for helping him. Should the party return, they will see that the people have revolted against the monsters. The riot had been started by Kasim while he was protecting Neris. The rebellion is successful when the party defeats Antoria.

Zaji talks to Neris several days after the party's victory over Antoria. He tells her about his plan to help her with her illness, taking on quests so that he can afford the medicine she needs. Neris is adamantly against Zaji's plan, saying that he would put himself in danger. Zaji tells Neris that they don't have to depend on Kasim anymore. However, Neris tells Zaji that she doesn't want Zaji or anyone to make sacrifices for her. She doesn't want to feel like a burden. She tells her younger brother that she can take care of herself. Zaji walks away, saying that he needs to get a sword as he is now a warrior. Neris doesn't realize that Zaji has left her in Dharma Temple to find a way to help her with her illness.

As a Boss[edit]

The player will fight Neris in the finals of the Arena. She is accompanied by three Slime Knights. The slime knights should be defeated first as they will heal her.

Neris uses a bevy of ice attacks include Iceslash and Icebolt. She can attack twice in one round as well. Zaji is a big help in this fight, casting Healmore when a party member is low on health, Upper to bolster their defense, Bang to attack the enemies and a strong physical attack which does ~30 HP damage. The Hero should attack, stopping only to use Healmore. Gabo should attack regularly. Maribel should be given the WondeRock and become designated Healer. She is a bit difficult, but not that hard.

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