Ortega's Helm

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Ortega's Helm
Ortegas helm artwork.png
Japanese オルテガのかぶと
Romaji Orutega no kabuto
Old localizations Same
Found in Dragon Quest III
Effect Protects against ailments (GBC)

Ortega's Helm is the headgear that protected the eponymous father of the Hero. It bears similarity to a stereotypical viking helmet, albeit with less pronounced horns and a golden trim along the outer edges and sagittal keel.


Dragon Quest III: The Seeds of Salvation[edit]

Ortega's helm is only available in the SFC Version and subsequent remakes. It is found in the village of Mur and is kept by the young boy Petya. Some years prior to the beginning of the game, Ortega had collapsed from exhaustion on the outskirts of the remote village during his mission to kill Baramos and was discovered by Petya. The villagers nursed him back to health and he dwelt with them for some time before resuming his quest, becoming beloved by the village and gaining the name Peredvizhnik; Ortega would leave his helmet behind for Petya as a token of gratitude.

The helmet will add +30 Defence, but offer no protection against debilitating magic except in the GBC Version, where it will reduce the chance of being afflicted by Snooze, Dazzle, and Sap by 50%. This aspect was removed in the subsequent cell phone release due to being a port of the SFC version. It can be sold for 6,150 gold coins, but this is not advised.

The helmet doesn't exist in the NES version. In its place is a novelty item called the water blaster.


  • Ortega has never once been shown wearing his helmet in any official illustration, wearing a metal band instead
  • The helmet is slightly inferior to the Great helm in terms of defence, but many players keep it equipped for sentimental reasons regardless
  • Even if it hasn't been made official, the share ressemblance with this helmet and Erdrick's Helmet could mean that the helmet will be modified to be part of Erdrick's equipment later.