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The following is a list of non-equippable items that can be collected and used by in Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past.

The items in bold were not present in the original Sony PlayStation Version of the game.

Regular Items[edit]

Image Name Location/Price Effect Description
Wooden doll From Maeve at the end of Rainbow Mines
Sell: 1 Gold Coin
Use it to immediately end the fight with Maeve Matilda special momento.[1]
An old doll that's very dear to Maeve.[2]
Shiny bauble Can be won in a Tombola game. Can only be used once to display fireworks This trinket's so pretty, it'd be a shame not to try using it...
DQVIII Elfin Elixir.png
Elfin elixir Can be won in a Tombola game. Completely restores a party member's MP, expires upon use. Completely restores a single party member's MP.
Bonus ball Can be won in a Tombola game. Can be used once to give 1.5x of the usual the Gold, Exp from battles for 30 minutes. Use this to enter a half-hour period of joy and fortune!
Bumper bonus ball Can be won in a Tombola game. Can be used once to double the Gold, Exp and Vocation points from battles for 30 minutes. Use this to enter a half-hour period of joy and fortune!


These are all keys that serve a purpose for a particular area of the game. They all share the description "Opens certain doors that would otherwise remain tightly sealed.".

Image Original English Name Current English Name Location Effect
Alltrades key From High Priestess Jacqueline after saving her in the Dungeon of Descent. Use on the door in Tunnel to the Abbey.
Bandit's key In The Mighty Pip's room in Bandits' Base. Opens the single locked door in the base.
Black key From Queen Fertiti after encountering her in The Likeness. Opens locked doors within The Likeness.
Clock Key Clocktower key From Pomposo after speaking to him about a time loop in El Ciclo. Opens the locked door in El Ciclo's clock tower.
Sulkk key From Nottagen after defeating Moostapha. Allows entry to the Pillar of Sulkk.
Conflagration key From Dora at the bottom present day Burnmont. Allows access to the Fire Spirit.
Royal key From Sa'id's brothers after defeating the bosses of the Temple Palace shrine. Allows entry into The Likeness.

Key Items[edit]

Image Original English Name Current English Name Location Effect Description
Tablet Fragments.png
Shard Fragment See article for each piece. When placed upon the right pedestal in the Shrine of Mysteries, a completed map composed of them will send a person or people back in time. Map on stone shard.[1]
It looks like a piece if a larger whole. There's a map etched into it.[2]
BluePrint Enclosure Plan See article for each plans. Each plan allows for additions to the Monster Meadows. Memo on monster habitat.[1]
Blueprints showing a proposed place for monsters to call home.[2]
DQVII Green gem.jpg
Green Orb Green Rock From Maeve at the end of Rainbow Mines. Give to Patrick and Hanlon. Can it cure Hank?[1]
Could this be just the thing to get Hanlon back on his feet?[2]
HolyWater Wholly holy water From Pike in Estard after saving Ballymolloy. Use to undo Glowering Inferno's spell in Burnmont. An odd looking liquid.[2]
Bottle Empty bottle The bottle that held the Wholly holy water. Use to gain some Prism dew from the Shrine of Mysteries Rainbow Cove. A bottle with nothing in it.[2]
RainbwDew Prism dew Fill up the Empty bottle with liquid from the Shrine of Mysteries Rainbow Cove Use on the flame atop The Beacon in the past. Rainbow colored liquid.[1]
An iridescent liquid that glistens with every colour of the rainbow.[2]
Button Little blue button Found in front of the Inn sign of Present Day Emberdale after speaking with Palmela. Give to the boy in the northeast corner for a Mini medal (Missable). A small button.[2]
AngelTear Angel's tears Obtained by speaking to Klemens in Regenstein in the past.[2] ???[3]
MechParts Globular pistotron Found under a barrel outside the church outside Frobisher in the Faraday Region in the present. Give to Ambrose in Faraday Castle. An automaton component.[2]
Mila Drug Palmela's prescription Obtained from Palmela in Emberdale of the past after agreeing to get medicine for Carraway at Greenthumb Gardens (also in the past) Give to Carraway. Fortune Teller Drug.[1]
A special remedy rustled up by Palmela the fortune teller.[2]
Kiefer's Letter Kiefer's letter Obtained when Kiefer leaves The Hero, Maribel and Ruff at the Roamers Camp. Read Kiefer's last words to the party. Letter from Kiefer.[1]
letter from a good friend.[2]
WondeRock Salvation stone From Fingers after losing to Strom in Pilgrim's Perdition. Can be used during battle to restore a party member's HP. Heal HP of one.[1]
Restores a little of a party member's HP.[2]
DuneCharm Seal of the Sands From Khalid in Al-Balad after defeating the Boss at the Temple Palace. Prompts Al-Balad residence to help The Party. Amulet from desert.[1]
A token of trust from the denizens of the desert.[2]
TyranBone Ancient skull From the Dig Site after retrieving the Seal of the Sands. Summoning the serpent at Banks of the Nihil in the past of the Al-Balad Region. Fossil of a huge animal.[1]
A sizable skull belonging to an ancient creature.[2]
Package Care package From Dr. Doug Digby after saving the Al-Balad Region. To give to Doug's employee at the Dig Site Bag of money & letter.[1]
A bag containing some money and a letter.[2]
Dark Ruby Blood ruby From Queen Fertiti in the Temple Palace after visiting the present day version of it. Keeping it out of the hands of the Demon Lord's minions. A gem that glows a malevolent red.[2]
Elven Jar Pixie pitcher From the elf girl's house outside the Roots of Ygg. To collect Dew. A dainty receptacle for water or anything else you like.[2]
HolyDew Dew of life Fill the Pixie pitcher with Dew outside the Roots of Ygg. Needed to purify the water of Gröndal. Dew of World Tree.[1]
Dew harvest from holy Ygg.[2]
Time Sand Sands of time After destroying the hourglass in Inside the Time Frame. Restarts a battle. Reverse time in battle.[1]
In battle, they can reverse time itself.[2]
PurpleJar Dubious concoction Pick it up as soon as Cayenne drops it in front of the manor of Greenthumb Gardens. Give it to Camomile. Bottle full of powder.[1]
A bottle filled with a liquid that's got lumps of powder floating in it.[2]
Emily's letter Emilia's letter It can be found in the present day of El Ciclo in the house formerly occupied by Salvador. Give it to the researcher in Salvado's residence in exchange for a Seed of wisdom. A letter from Emilia to Salvador.[2]
DragonEye Dragon's eye Take from a Dragon head in El Monumento de Pomposo. Put it in any Dragon heads to disable their fire breathing ability. Dragon eye jewel.[1]
A gem carefully carved into the shape of a dragon's eye.[2]
Rose's Letter Greta's letter From Greta in her cottage after speaking to the Excellence Grading Organisation. Taking it to the EGB has Greta's name removed from the Best Dressed Board. A letter written by the legendary Greta.[2]
Priest letter Wizz's seal of approval Given by the Wizard-in-Chief in the Grand Conjuratorium. Used to return to Hubble through The Blockade, and gain audience with the king. Letter from Priest.[1]
A letter written by the chief wizard.[2]
Torso and Legs Goddess statue (top) & (bottom) On the Small Bridge Near Providence after Caleb smashes the Goddess statue. Half of a broken statue of the Goddess.[2]
Priest Key Priest's key From the box Caleb drops in Providence. Open's a chest at the church in present day Providence. Key of the priest.[1]
A small key that belonged to the priest in Providence.[2]
GoddessPicture Goddess's scroll From the box Caleb drops in Providence. Shows how to repair the Goddess statue. Drawing of a Goddess.[1]
A scroll with an image of the Goddess on in.[2]
Empress letter Queen Mother's missive From the Queen Mother of Hubble. Allows one to pass The Blockade A letter written by the Queen Mother.[2]
LightAqua Sparkling holy water From the chest puzzle in Hubble. Give to the wandmaker assisstant in Hubble to later receive the Lightning staff. NA
StarShard Starshard Top of Falls Hollow. Give to the Wizard-in-Chief in the Grand Conjuratorium. A gem formed from solid beams of starlight.[2]
Glim Moss Glowmoss From the 5th basement floor of Den of the Dwarves. Used to follow the monsters in Buccanham. Oddly glowing moss.[1]
A curious kind of moss that emits a little bit of light.[2]
Coastal letter Buccanham's blessing From The King of Buccanham in the past. To present to the Gaffer of Emberdale in the past or present for the Guiding Light. A letter from the King of Buccanham.[2]
PilotFire Guiding Light From the Gaffer of Emberdale in the past or present. Relight The Beacon in the past. Holy fire from a sublime source.[2]
ID Card VIP pass From the present day King of Buccanham in Dinky Dell. Lets the party receive a Puff-Puff in the Buccanham Casino. ???[4]
FlameAqua Kindling oil From Dora at the bottom present day Burnmont. Repowering the Fire Spirit. A small bottle filled with a flammable liquid.[2]

Other set of Items[edit]