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Klemens, also known as Clayman is a resident of Regenstein in the game Dragon Quest VII.


Klemens is the village warrior. When the town is in need of supplies, Klemens decides to go on a journey to get them. Helga, his fiancée, warned him that the monsters have become more fierce. But he reminds her that he has to go and get the supplies because he's the only one who knows how to fight. He leaves to begin his journey, telling her that when he returns in time for the Regentanz, they will announce to the villagers their engagement. With a final embrace, Klemens departs from Regenstein.

While Klemens is away, a grey rain falls from the sky. It turns the population of Regenstein to stone.

Klemens, who was returning to the village at the same time, avoided the rain. Finding the townspeople turned to stone, he sets out to find a cure for the grey rain. He found such a cure called the angel tears. However, the statues were too severely eroded by the elements. As such, using the angel tears would have no effect on the people. Understanding this, he stays in Regenstein, waiting for death to come to him as well.

Klemens encounters the party 50 years after the grey rain has fallen. He tells them about the state of the town and decides to give them the bottle of angel tears, but tells them to move on as Regenstein is beyond salvation.

The party ignores Klemens's words and uses the angel tears on the town. A young boy appears from a secret hideaway. The boy, Felix, is reunited with Klemens who recognizes him instantly. The two of them decide to go to other towns and warn people about the grey rain.


  • Klemens's name in German translates to Clayman, which is his original name in the PS1 version.
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