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The Skystone is a flying based vehicle in Dragon Quest VII. It's ability of transportation exceeds the average Ships, the Sea Dragon and Flying Carpet.


The Hero and Party find a Skystone in the Divine Shrine after using the Sacred stone to restore the entire location in the past. The residents of the Shrine permit the party to use it as they believe them to have what it takes to defeat the Demon Lord.

The party makes use of it to find a necessary Mysterious Fragment piece at the Strange Shrine Near Wetlock, and then to proceed to the Dig Site where the cavern to enemy base.

Later on when the world is at peace, The Hero, Aishe, King Donald and Ruff take the Skystone to the Cathedral of Light to meet up with leaders of other Regions and The Almighty. They take the stone back to Estard, though the sudden darkening causes the vehicle to eject the four onto the castle.

The vehicle is unusable during the second round of darkness, but is available for use after the [[Fire Spirit], Earth Spirit, Wind Spirit and Water Spirit are awaken. It "can" only hold four people prompting one of The Party members to stay behind at Maribel's manor in Pilchard Bay.


Despite the story stating that no more than four people can ride in the Skystone, the vehicle operates perfectly when Crispin is present in the party.

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