Rainbow Mines

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The Rainbow Mines (formerly Colorstone Mine) is a dungeon in Dragon Quest VII. It is located to the southeast of Ballymolloy.


The Rainbow Mines are named after the brightly colored gems found inside. The party heads there after learning that one of the gems found inside has healing properties which are necessary for helping out Patrick's father, Hanlon, who was injured fighting monsters. Upon arriving, the party encounters Maeve once again and they ask for help finding the stone, but she tells them that she's busy and can't help them out. She does tell them that the stone they need is green. After reaching the depths of the mine, the party finally finds the green rainbow stone they need to help Hanlon, but it is far too big to carry back with them. Maeve appears suddenly and she places her hands on it, receiving a small fragment of the gem, which she gives to the adventurers. Before leaving, she also gives them a carved wooden doll, which Maeve received from her older brother Molloy. She tells them to find a new owner for it, since she's grown too old for it, and departs.

The mines are still operational in the present. The party decides to head there after hearing from the people of Ballymolloy that there may be Fragments located deep in the mines. Besides the sea, the Rainbow Mines are the first place where the party can fight monsters in the present.





Nearby monsters[edit]



(After the Demon King's resurrection)