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"The late Queen of Dundrasil, and our Hero's birth mother. So anxious was she to see her husband and so safe that her soul stayed in this world. "

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Queen Eleanor
Dragon Quest XI
Queen Eleanor Artwork.png
Japanese name エレノア
Romaji Erunoah
Title Queen
Race Human
Family Hero (son)
Irwin (husband)
Rab (father)
Voice actor Inoue Kikuko (Japanese,XI S)
Joy McAvoy (English)

Queen Eleanor (エレノア, Erunoah) is a posthumous character in Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age. She is the late Queen of Dundrasil, and is the mother of the Luminary as well as the daughter of Rab.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Eleanor's attire is rather humble for a woman of her stature, consisting of a simple light-green dress and blue cape held in place with gold buttons. Her accessories include a belt consisting of three beveled bands tipped with gold, turquoise earrings, a ruby brooch with gold filigree, and a silver tiara serving as her crown.

The Queen is a woman in her mid-thirties of slender build and average height, with blue eyes and light brown hair. In her youth Eleanor was a troublesome tomboy, causing a ruckus in the castle regularly and often being scolded by her mother. By the time of her adulthood, she has become much more dignified in her manner and demeanor. As the player only sees her during flashbacks prior and during the sacking of Dundrasil, much of Eleanor's dialogue revolves around her newborn son and the prophecy concerning his fate as the savior of the world. She is also a very devoted wife to King Irwin, having fallen for him when he fought off a monster that attacked her when he was one of her royal guards and lingering as a ghost to watch over is own spirit while he is tormented by the Gloomnivore in the hopes that he can be freed from the demon. Eleanor can also be a stern woman, having little patience for her father's Ogler's Digest magazines and throwing them out in the castle trash when she finds one.

The young princess Jade of the kingdom of Heliodor was particularly close to Eleanor, having lost her own mother shortly after her birth. Eleanor indulged the girl at every visit of her father, King Carnelian, often shirking her own obligations as the Queen to spend time with her. When Eleanor became pregnant, Jade was elated at the news and considered the infant to be her younger brother, a sentiment encouraged by Eleanor. This close connection would save the life of her then-unborn son and shape Jade's fate for many years to come.


Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age[edit]

Queen Eleanor with the Luminary as an infant.

Queen Eleanor appears in the game's opening cinematic depicting the assault of castle Dundrasil by the forces of Mordegon sixteen years prior to the start of the adventure. Later on in the story, during a glimpse of the past that the Luminary observes through the powers of Yggdrasil, the full events of the fall of Dundrasil are shown to the player. With the Luminary born to the world, a council of the Kings of Erdrea is held to discuss the infant's fate and to test the resolve of his father. Eleanor is tending to her son alongside Jade while the meeting commences, and the royal guards alert the royal family and guests that the castle walls have been breached by Mordegon's forces. It is a full-scale assault and the royal couple flee, with Irwin making a stand to buy family and Jade time to escape. The King is killed by Mordegon, who uses the opportunity to possess the body of King Carnelian while Eleanor and Jade are pursued by his forces in the surrounding forest. Eleanor gives the Luminary's basket to Jade and tells her to leave her behind, sacrificing herself as a decoy to spare the life of the children.

After the fall of Yggdrasil and Mordegon's conquest of Erdrea, the Luminary is able to speak to his mother's spirit after slaying the Gloomnivore and freeing his father's ghost. The reunion restores the Luminary's powers that he lost after Mordegon's ambush at the world tree, and the couple depart into the hereafter in full confidence that their son will save the world.

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