Trial Isle

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Trial Isle is a phantasmal replica of Havens Above, created by the warrior King Drustan as a rest stop for heroes testing themselves in his daunting labyrinth.


Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age[edit]

Trial Isle serves as a base of operations for the Luminary and his companions as they set themselves against the challenges Drustan has created, offering shelter, excellent equipment, and a fixed Fun-Size Forge to refine armaments. Though a perfect duplicate of Erdrea's floating village, Trial Isle is inhabited by tamed monsters algonside the kindly Watchers and the blue sky is replaced with the spectral energies seen throughout the labyrinth.

The zenith building of the floating cluster houses a special room that leads to the essence of the labyrinth, being three dungeons know as The Disciple's Trial, The Sage's Trial, and The Luminary's Trial.

Shops and services[edit]

ICON-WEAPON-SHOP.png Weapon Shop 
Item Price Attributes
ICON-Gryphon's wing XI.png
Gryphon's wing
16,000Attack +100/106/112/119
Premptive strike +3/3/4/4%
ICON-Dark star XI.png
Dark star
34,500Attack +82/85/89/93
Agility +10
ICON-Seraph's stick XI.png
Seraph's stick
13,000Attack +53/56/60/64
M. might +14/15/15/16
M. mending +54/55/57/59
MP absorb +6%
ICON-Staff of resurrection XI.png
Staff of resurrection
45,000Attack +77/77/77/88
M. might +78/80/83/86
M. mending +64/65/67/69
MP absorb +15%
ICON-Seraph's spear XI.png
Seraph's spear
29,000Attack +150/160/170/180br>Max HP +8/9/9/10
Parry chance +6%
ICON-Goddess whip XI.png
Goddess whip
28,000Attack +135/142/149/156
Charm +37/38/39/41
+10% damage to Humanoids
ICON-Monster slashers XI.png
Monster slashers
18,000Attack +66/70/74/79
Critical chance +4%
+10% damage to Beasts
8% chance to charm beasts
ICON-Conqueror's axe XI.png
Conqueror's axe
33,000Attack +111/117/124/132

ICON-ARMOUR-SHOP.png Armour Shop 
Item Price Attributes
ICON-Silver shield XI.png
Silver shield
33,000Defence +51/54/57/61
Charm +32/33/34/36
Block chance +9%
Fire cut by 10%
Lightning cut by 20%
MP drain drain cut by 25%
ICON-Goddess shield XI.png
Goddess shield
42,000Defence +64/67/71/75
M. mending +32/33/34/35
Charm +26/27/28/29
Block chance +13%
All elements cut by 10%
ICON-Star circlet XI.png
Star circlet
20,000Defence +42/45/48/51
M. might +35/36/37/39
M. mending +29/30/30/31
Fuddle protection +30%
ICON-Mirror armor XI.png
Mirror armor
20,000Defence +98/104/111/118
Charm +79/83/87/91
+20% chance to Bounce spells
ICON-Angel's robe XI.png
Angel's robe
4,100Defence +71/75/80/85
M. might +28/29/30/31
M. might +36/37/38/39
All elements cut by 18%
Whack protection +50%