The Mighty Pip

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Bandit Wig
Banditwig DQVII PSX.gif
HP MP Experience Gold
500 19 731 367
Attack Defense Speed
92 45 74
Skills Acts twice per turn
Violent slash (125% damage)
Blade of Ultimate Power (MP shortage)
Spells Boom
Game Dragon Quest VII
Console PS

The Mighty Pip (formerly Bandit Wig) is the leader of the bandits that plague Alltrades Abbey in the game Dragon Quest VII. He is a conkuistador.


The Mighty Pip is the leader of the bandits that attack Alltrades. One day, he fought and defeated a warrior. This warrior has a Fragment on him. This warrior told him that now that he had the shard, he had to continue fighting until someone could defeat him in combat and take it from him.

To this end, Bandit Wig ordered his group to attack people going to Alltrades until one could defeat him in battle.


The party encounters him after defeating his crew. Pip asks them if they thought it strange that someone like him could be the Bandit Boss. He proceeds to tell them that they shouldn't judge him by his looks. He attacks the party.

The party defeats him in battle. He passes on the shard and tells them about the history behind the shard. He tells them that he believes that the shard is meant to be with them anyways and to use it however they please. He then expresses relief and goes back to being a regular bandit.


This fight is somewhat easier than the four on three battle fought earlier. Pip can attack twice in one turn and can use the powerful Boom spell. He can use it about 4-5 times before he runs out of MP. This can be lessened if Ruff and Maribel have Magic Robes.

Otherwise use your strongest attacks. Also, don't worry about the Blade of Ultimate Power. He can't actually use it anyways. Should he try to do so, a funny animation will occur.