List of skills in Dragon Quest III

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Name JP name MP Hero Merchant Thief Gadabout Description
Recall おもいだす 0 1
Remember もっとおもいだす 0 8
Forget わすれる 0 15
Recollect ふかくおもいだす 0 20
Dig あなほり 0 12 Excavate for random rewards.
Eye for Distance タカのめ 0 8 Notes the number of steps to the nearest town.
Nose for Treasure とうぞくのはな 0 13 Lists the number of items available in a dungeon or town.
Padfoot しのびあし 0 17 Lowers encounter rate briefly.
Service Call おおごえ 5 17 Summons a shop-keeper.
Whistle くちぶえ 0 13 Summons a random encounter.