Gran Dragon

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Gran Dragon (Spelt as GranDragn in battle and on the Monster Medal list) is an additional boss that can be encountered the Game Boy Color Version of Dragon Quest III.


Gran Dragon can be found in the deepest level of the GBC Exclusive dungeon, the Ice Cave. In order to make it to Gran Dragon, The Hero must have the first 155 Bronze Monster Medals, and all 164 Silver Monster Medals.

Gran Dragon attacks exactly as Xenlon does. Defeating him the first time merits him rewarding The Hero with the Rubiss sword. Defeating him in under 18 turns will result in him awarding The Hero with his own Monster Medals.

Talking to Gran Dragon after obtaining all Gold Monster Medals results in him falling asleep.


Originally the requirement for battling Gran Dragon was to have all 164 Gold Monster Medals (as well as all 164 of the Bronze and Silver Medals).

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