Royal Missive

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Royal Missive
DQIV Royal Scroll.png
Localized As A Letter from King, Royal Scroll, Letter
Found in Dragon Quest III
Dragon Quest IV
Buy for n/a
Sell for n/a
Effect Varies.

The Royal Missive (formerly known as Royal Scroll and Letter) is a document to be presented to an NPC from a king.

Dragon Quest III[edit]

The King of Portoga, wanting Black Pepper from the town of Baharata, gives Erdrick the Royal Scroll so that Nordy the Dwarf will grant passage in his tunnel.


(NES Version)[edit]

My dear Norud,
Please guide the
bearers of this
scroll to the secret
passage called
Bolef's Path.
signed, King of

(GBC Version)[edit]

My dear Norud,
I ask that you
show the bearer of
this letter out
through Bahn Pass.
King of Portoga

Dragon Quest IV[edit]

Hoping to prevent a war between countries after hearing from the Prince's Letter, King Norman of Endor gives Torneko Taloon the Scroll to present to King Shamus of Ballymoral. The scroll informs them that their children (Veronica and Regan respectively) are in love, which prompts Ballymoral's king to call off his plan as a marriage between the kids will allow him to accomplish his goal peacefully.


(NES Version)[edit]

Dear friend,
King of Bonmalmo:
Please listen to what
I must say.
It appears that my
daughter, Mia, and your
son, Reed, are in love.
They don't have to
marry now, but I do
look forward to their
The King of Endor

(Remade Versions)[edit]

Your Majesty, King Shamus of Ballymoral,
I apologize for the rather abrupt nature of this missive, but there is an urgent matter I must bring to your attention.
It seems my daughter, Princess Veronica, and your son, Prince Regan, are in love.
Though I would not recommend excessive haste in the matter, I wish to propose that they marry...
Sincerely, King Norman of Endor'