Psaro's Peak

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Psaro's Peak is the final location in Chapter 5 of Dragon Quest IV. It's where Psaro the Manslayer took refuge as he underwent his evolution. The Peak is only accessible through making it to the end of Castle Nadiria and is the center of Nadiria.


As Psaro has awoken from his evolution, he is encountered by The Hero & crew. Though he puts up a serious struggle against them, he is eventually defeated as the Peak is sinking, while The Hero's crew is saved by the Zenith Dragon.

Alternatively, in Chapter 6 (PS and DS Version), The Hero & company arrive here after reviving Rose with the Yggdrasil Flower, resulting in him joining up with them.

Nearby monsters[edit]



  • In the NES Version, the music used for the area is the same one played in caves, whereas the remakes use the shrine music. In addition, monster encounters no longer occur within the Peak.


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