Holy embers

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Holy embers
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Japanese 聖なる種火
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Old localizations Fire of Serenity
Found in Dragon Quest IV
Effect Turns the fire in Pharos Beacon back to normal.

The Holy embers (Originally Fire of Serenity) are a key item in Dragon Quest IV.


Due to the recent corruption to the fire within the lighthouse Pharos Beacon, ships have been sunk within the ocean.

Torneko Taloon attempted to solve the problem, only to find the monsters to be too strong, and left it to The Hero and party. They were told, however, that they would need to find a sample sample of the Holy Embers within the tower.

They manage to do so, and upon reaching the evil fire burning in the lighthouse, tossed the Embers into it and undoing the effects had on ships.


They glow with a divine power.[1]



  1. Nintendo DS and Cell phone Version
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