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Femiscyra (also known as Gardenbur), Home of the Warrior, is a town in Dragon Quest IV.


A castle east of Burland, it is secluded due to its location within an impassable mountain range and a recent volcanic eruption which sealed it off from the outside world; the barrier can only be penetrated with a Magma staff found in the Zamoksva treasury that the party is able to recover and make use of. Femiscyra is inhabited almost exclusively by militant women, with only a few men (such as the priest) scattered here and there.

Upon arrival, The Hero and company are implicated in the theft of the bronze rosary. Though not trusting them entirely, the Queen allows them to prove their innocence, but with one member of the party staying behind bars.

The Hero & his/her allies find the true thief, Kirk Buzzer, in the Cove's Cove and retrieve the rosary. In return, the queen allows the captured party member to go free, and giving them both the Ultimate Key & Zenithian shield.

Other treasures[edit]

All Versions[edit]


Shops and Services[edit]

Armor Shop
Item Price Attributes
Leather dress 250 Defense +14
Dancer's costume 400 Defense +8
Cloak of evasion 3000 Defense +28
Pink leotard 6300 Defense +38
Golden tiara 540 Defense +12
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8 gold per person

Nearby enemies[edit]



  • In the NES Version, it's possible to be in the castle at night if you save there and then change it to night before saving at Heaven's Haven. Doing so results you in starting the game in the castle at night and with no on in there. The remakes simply start the game back in Endor if last saved in Heaven's Haven
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