Pink leotard

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Pink leotard
DQIV Pink leotard.png
Japanese ピンクのレオタード
Romaji Pinku no reotādo
Old localizations N/a
Found in Dragon Quest IV
Effect Increases the wearer's Defence.

"Phew! Is it gettin' hot, or is it just me? Would ye look at... Ahem! Sorry about that. Got a bit flustered, so I did. 'Tis a bit of armour fer the ladies, this. Despite the obvious lack of, em...substance, as it were, it's a handy item. An' a bit racy, if I'm honest."

—Torneko, when he appraises the pink leotard

The pink leotard is a piece of clothing that appears exclusively in Dragon Quest IV.


Dragon Quest IV[edit]

The pink leotard has a defence bonus of +38 (+40 in the NES Version). It can be purchased in Femiscyra for 6,300 gold and can only be worn by female characters. One can be found in Endor's castle at night after obtaining the Magic Key. It can also be dropped by Night emperors, as well as Pandora's boxes in remake versions of the game.

  • If Torneko appraises the pink leotard, he will become flustered at how revealing the garment is. He also balks at the suggestion that he might want to wear the leotard himself.