Treasure map (Dragon Quest IV)

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Treasure map
DQIV Treasure Map.png
Localized As Treasure map
Found in Dragon Quest IV
Buy for n/a
Sell for n/a
Effect Points to the location of the Zenithian Sword.

A treasure map is an item that can be obtained in Dragon Quest IV.


The map leads to the location of the Zenithian sword through an X placed on Yggdrasil. It's owned by Conrad Hilton of the town Mintos. He holds a quiz with the visiting The Hero, asking what the most important thing in business is.

The hero's lack of response prompts Hilton think he/she knows that "silence is golden", thus giving up the map.


In the NES Version, the treasure map could be used while in a large doorway to cause an additional door to appear. Afterwards, open the door, go up and use the map to repeat the process.


It shows the location of some legendary treasure.[1]


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