Treasure map (Dragon Quest IV)

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Treasure map
DQIV Treasure Map.png
Localized As Treasure map
Found in Dragon Quest IV
Buy for n/a
Sell for n/a
Effect Points to the location of the Zenithian Sword.

A treasure map is an item that can be obtained in Dragon Quest IV.


The map leads to the location of the Zenithian sword through an X placed on Yggdrasil. It's owned by Conrad Hilton of the town Mintos. He holds a quiz with the visiting The Hero, asking what the most important thing in business is.

The hero's lack of response prompts Hilton think he/she knows that "silence is golden", thus giving up the map.


In the NES Version, the treasure map could be used while in a large doorway to cause an additional door to appear. Afterwards, open the door, go up and use the map to repeat the process.


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