Steel Strongbox

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Steel Strongbox
Steel Strongbox.png
Localized As Small iron safe
Found in Dragon Quest IV
Buy for n/a
Sell for n/a
Effect Keeps all of Torneko's money intact if he dies.

"Ah! A steel strongbox! 'Tis every travellin' salesman's dream to have his own one o' these."

—Torneko's appraisal of the safe.

The steel strongbox (iron safe in the NES version) is an item in Dragon Quest IV.


Dragon Quest IV[edit]

First seen in Chapter 3, it allows Torneko Taloon to fall in battle without losing half of his money. As with the Talaria and the Ball of Silence, it will not carry over into the inventory in Chapter 5.

It can be obtained in Chapter 5 if not picked up earlier, but it will be without function (explained in the remake by it's wearing down.)


The Steel Strongbox is in the Cave of Safekeeping, on a floor with the trap. The trap entails that anyone picking up the Safe will be trapped in the room until it's put back on the spot. There are two ways to get around the trap:

  • Drag a boulder on the floor into the room, and move it in the place occupied by the Safe to keep the door open.
  • If you get choose to get it in Chapter 5 or Chapter 6, you can exit the room simply by casting the Evac spell.


It safeguards the party's gold, even if they're wiped out.[1]
Just carrying the strongbox is enough to benefit from its effects.[2]
It used to safeguard the party's gold, even if they were wiped out.[3]
Just carrying the strongbox was once enough to benefit from its effects.[4]

In Other Languages[edit]

Language Translation Meaning
ICON-FLAG-ES.png EspañolCaja FuerteLiterally strong box

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