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"I couldn't 'ave said it better meself. You're right! Silence is golden, as they say."

Conrad Hilton (ヒルタン) is a minor character in Dragon Quest IV. In his youth he planned to track down the Zenithia Sword, but eventually decided to settle in Mintos and open a hugely successful inn instead. He is known as an extremely skilled businessman and holds daily congregations in the centre of town where he hands out common sense on that topic. Hank Hoffman, Jr. is enamoured upon meeting him and becomes his fast-learning apprentice, settling in Mintos with the hopes of learning from Hilton and eventually opening his own chain of inns.

Hilton also held a quiz in which the correct answer resulted in the winner getting the treasure map (merely by not answering the question) which revealed the location of the Zenithia Sword. The Hero was the one to get the map.

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