Four Dens of Nadiria

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The Four Dens of Nadiria are the bases of Psaro the Manslayer's followers Aamon, Barbatos, Pruslas and Rashaverak in Dragon Quest IV.


The Hero and company must travel to each of these Dens to defeat the bosses within them to remove the barrier to Castle Nadiria.

Den of Barbatos[edit]

Barbatos awaits his encounter with The Hero's crew without any obstacles.


Den of Pruslas[edit]

Pruslas' Den contains a set of guards who can mirror the movement of The Hero, and will kick the party out upon coming into contact with them.


Den of Rashaverak[edit]

As with Barbatos, Rashaverak's Den lacks any obstacles. Though it takes several stairs to reach him.

Den of Aamon[edit]

There are several paths to chose. One leads to a treasure, while the other leads to Aamon and 3 Drooling ghouls.


Nearby monsters[edit]