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The following is a list of non-equippable items that can be collected and used by the Chosen Ones in Dragon Quest IV.

Regular Items[edit]

Image Name Price Effect
DQIV DS Medicinal Herb.png
Medicinal herb 8 Heals a small amount of damage
Antidotal Herb art.png
Antidotal herb 10 Removes poison effect
Holy water 20 Repels weaker enemies
Chimaera Wing.png
Chimaera wing 25 Casts Zoom on use
Moonwort Bulb.png
Moonwort bulb 30 Removes paralysis effect
DQV Musk.png
Musk 150 Attracts enemies
DQIV Packed Lunch.png
Packed lunch -- Heals a small amount of damage
DQVIII Magic Water.png
Magic water 30 casion tokens Restores a small amount of magic
DQVIII Prayer Ring.png
Prayer ring 500 casion tokens Restores MP one or more, and eventually breaks.
Yggdrasil dew -- Heals all party members
Yggdrasil leaf -- Revives one ally
Seed of life -- Augments max HP
Seed of magic -- Augments max MP
Seed of strength -- Augments strength
Seed of resilience -- Augments resilience
Seed of agility -- Augments agility
Seed of wisdom -- Augments wisdom
DQIV Horse Manure.png
Horse manure --  ???

Key Items[edit]

These items are (usually) one of a kind and cannot be sold to merchants. They are listed here in Chapter order. Additionally remakes of the game contain a description or two when looking them up in the menu.

Image Original English Name Current English Name Location Effect In-game descriptions
Flying Shoes Taleria Auld Well - Chapter 1 Used to enter Strathbaile Tower. These strange shoes have wings attached!
DQIV Armlet Of Transmutation.png
Golden Bracelet Armlet of Transmutation Vault of Vrenor - Chapter 2 Trade to free hostage. The light dances of this mysterious golden armband.
Thief's Key Thief's Key Vrenor - Chapter 2 Opens blue doors. The holder of this key can open simple locks.
Birdsong Nectar.png
Birdsong Nectar Birdsong nectar Birdsong Tower - Chapter 2 Used to treat Tsar Stepan's aphasia. Its silky texture makes for a beautiful singing voice.
Steel Strongbox.png
Iron Safe Steel Strongbox Cave of Safekeeping - Chapter 3 Prevents Torneko from losing cash if he falls in battle. See article
DQIV Princes Letter.png
Prince's Letter Prince's Letter Castle Ballymoral - Chapter 3 Letter from Prince Regan to Princess Veronica. A letter written in Prince Regan's hand.
DQIV Royal Scroll.png
Royal Scroll Royal Scroll Castle Endor - Chapter 3 Official letter from the King of Endor to the King of Ballymoral. Correspondence from King Norman of Endor.
DQIV Silver Goddess Statue.png
Silver statuette Silver Goddess statue The Cistern Chapel - Chapter 3 Sell to collector for 25,000 gold. A burnished silver statue of the Goddess.
Lamp of Darkness Night light Cave West of Aubout du Monde - Chapter 4 Casts Tick-Tock on use. A lamp that summons nightfall when lit.
Sphere of Silence Sphere of Silence Cave West of Aubout du Monde - Chapter 4
Also from the boss in Rosehill
Attempts to silence all enemies in battle. This sneaky sphere can seal an enemy's spells during battle.
Gunpowder Jar Powder keg Mamon Mine - Chapter 4 Scares the Chancellor of Palais de Léon into running for the Marquis. A container packed with gunpower.
DQIV Boarding Pass.png
Boarding Pass Boarding pass Palais de Léon - Chapter 4 Used to get on the boat to Endor at Havre Léon. A ticket valid for one trip to Endor.
The Big Book of Beasts.png
NA 'The Big Book of Beasts' Hidden Valley - Chapter 5 Reviews all monsters encountered. An illustrated guide to monsters.
DQIV Symbol Of Faith.png
Symbol of Faith Symbol of faith Cave of Betrayal - Chapter 5 Gets Hoffman to join the Hero. This strange jewel can open anyone's heart.
DQIV Holy Embers.png
Fire of Serenity Holy embers Pharos Beacon - Chapter 5 Used to restore the lighthouse. They glow with a divine power.
DQIV Feverfew Seed.png
Padequia Seed Feverfew seed Imperial Pantry of Parthenia - Chapter 5 Grows into feverfew root. A seed full of vitality.
DQIV Feverfew Root.png
Padequia Root Feverfew root Parthenia - Chapter 5 Treats Kiryl of his illness. This root has a mysterious power and cures many ills.
DQIV Treasure Map.png
Treasure Map Treasure map Mintos - Chapter 5 Reveals location of Zenithian Sword. It shows the location of some legendary treasure.
Magic Key Magic Key Gupta Gupha - Chapter 5 Opens red doors. The holder of this key can open complicated locks.
DQIV Flute Of Revelation.png
Flute of Uncovering Flute of Revelation Zamoksva Castle - Chapter 5 Reveals the hidden location of Rose. An instrument harbouring rare properties.
Bronze Amulet Bronze rosary Cave Southeast of Femiscyra - Chapter 5 Retrieve from the thief Kirk Buzzer. NA
Final Key Ultimate Key Femiscyra - Chapter 5 Opens gated doors. The holder of this key can open all locks.
DQIV Karstaway Stone.png
Stone of Drought Karstaway stone Dunplundrin - Chapter 5 Used to enter the Cascade Cave. A curious rock that can absorb a huge volume of water.
Sandglass of Regression Sands of time Cascade Cave - Chapter ? Used to reset battles from the beginning. In battle, they can reverse time itself.
Staff of Transform Mod Rod Royal Crypt - Chapter 5 Disguises party. This staff can change the party's appearance for a short while.
DQIV Gas Canister.png
Gas Canister Gas canister Mamon Mine, Estark's Tomb - Chapter 5 Powers the balloon. A large vessel containing gas.
DQIV Barons Bugle.png
Baron's Horn Baron's bugle Baron's Folly - Chapter 5 Summons Mary Lou and the wagon. Blow it before the final battle to bring your wagon before you.
DQIV Yggdrasil Flower.png
NA Yggdrasil flower Yggdrasil - Chapter 6 Resurrects Rose. The rarest of flowers that blooms but once every millennium.