Flute of Revelation

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Flute of Revelation
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Japanese あやかしのふえ
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Old localizations Flute of seeing, Flute of uncovering
Found in Dragon Quest IV: Chapters of the Chosen
Effect Used to reveal a hidden passage.

The Flute of Revelation (originally Flute of Uncovering) is an important item in Dragon Quest IV: Chapters of the Chosen.


The Flute of Revelation is used by Psaro the Manslayer to reveal a passage leading to the top of the tower in Rosehill where Rose is kept safe from humans. His usage of the flute is shown in a dream at the Inn of Strathbaile to anyone sleeping there.


It is in one of three chests in Zamoksva castle. The flute and two other chests are behind a door requiring the Magic Key to open. Though later, when the castle is overrun by monsters, one of them guards the chest from The Hero and his/her party. The guard vanishes from the spot when the Hero and his allies defeat Balzack, and they use the flute to meet Rose.

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