Laissez Fayre

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Laissez Fayre is a location in Dragon Quest IV, the place where Chapter 4 starts.


Dragon Quest IV: Chapters of the Chosen[edit]

Sisters Maya and Meena Mahabala worked in the town as a dancer and fortuneteller respectively, in the hopes of learning the whereabouts of Balzack, the man who killed their father Mahabala. Eventually they decide to travel the continent to find him.

With Maya gone and the other dancers unable to live up to her performance, the hall owner hired Tom Foolery and replaced dancing with a comedy routine. Tom Foolery leaves when the Hero seeks his assistance in gaining the Zenithian helm from the King of Canalot.

After the defeat of Balzack, Marquis de Léon & Psaro the Manslayer (Aamon in Chapter 6), the sisters resume working in town.


Shops & services[edit]

ICON-WEAPON-SHOP.png Weapon Shop 
Item Price Attributes
ICON-Oaken club.png Oaken club30Attack +4
ICON-Copper sword.png Copper sword100Attack +12
ICON-Thorn whip.png Thorn whip200Attack +14
ICON-Divine dagger.png Divine dagger200Attack +14
ICON-Boomerang.png Boomerang350Attack +18
ICON-Hunter's bow.png Hunter's bow350Attack +18
Note: The Thorn whip and the Boomerang are only available in the NES version.
The Divine dagger and the Hunter's bow are only available in the PSX and Nintendo DS versions.
ICON-ARMOUR-SHOP.png Armour Shop 
Item Price Attributes
ICON-Wayfarer's clothes.png Wayfarer's clothes70Defense +4
ICON-Silk robe.png Silk robe100Defense +10
ICON-Leather dress.png Leather dress250Defense +14
ICON-Leather hat.png Leather hat65Defense +2
ICON-Hairband.png Hairband110Defense +2
ICON-Medicinal herb.png Medicinal herb30?
Note: Hairband is only available in the remakes

Notable Residents[edit]

  • Manager Artois (Originally Master) - Runs the town theater and employer of Maya & Meena.
  • Blondelle (Originally Lynn) - Former dancer who was under orders to go to Palais de Léon. Eventually she leaves for a safer location.
  • Tom Foolery

Nearby monsters[edit]

(Chapter 4)[edit]
(Chapters 5 & 6)[edit]

Remake changes[edit]

In the remakes, at two different points there will be a newcomer to town who can be invited to Pioneer Town:

Other languages[edit]

Language Translation Meaning
ICON-FLAG-ES.png EspañolLaissez FayreSame as English name
ICON-FLAG-FR.png FrançaisTeafortwo
ICON-FLAG-DE.png DeutschLaissez FayreSame as English name
ICON-FLAG-IT.png ItalianoLaissez FayreSame as English name

Map & Gallery[edit]