Evil Force

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Characters in Dragon Warrior IV sometimes refer to an Evil Force, in the following quotes:

Prophetess at House of Prophecy, to Mara and Nara:
The man you seek revenge upon is protected by a tremendous evil force.
Ragnar in Keeleon Castle:
I hear the ones in this room belong to the evil force which plans to destroy the world!
Monster in Santeem, after the party kills Balzack:
It's said the Golden Bracelet amplifies the evil force!
Other monster, same place:
When we obtain the Golden Bracelet and perfect the Secret of Evolution... our time, the time of the evil force, will come! Ha, Ha, Ha!
Monster in Dire Palace, when party appears to be monsters:
Santeem's King is unlucky! His dream revealed that men would inadvertently aid Esturk's resurrection... and he tried to stop the excavation at Aktemto. That's why he was probably crushed by the evil force. Even we monsters didn't guess Esturk was imprisoned there.
It appears that "Evil Force" can mean any of these:
  • Distortion or acceleration of natural evolution (the "Secret of Evolution")
  • A powerful force that supports the monsters and "evil", possibly Esturk's spirit
  • The forces of evil as a whole, including Esturk, the other evil monsters, and eventually Necrosaro.