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"Really? You'll employ me? That's great. Right, well I'll be your faithful servant wherever you go!"

Dragon Quest series character
Dragon Quest IV
Sprite Dq4strom-sprite-NES.gif
Japanese Name スコット
Rōmaji sukotto
Class Guardsman (NES Version)
Bodyguard (Remakes)
Race Human

Hardie (Strom in the NES version) is a temporary party member in Dragon Quest IV.


Dragon Quest IV[edit]

Hardie is first encountered by Torneko during Chapter 3 in front of the church in Endor, where he is looking for work. In exchange for an advance payment of 400 gold coins, he is willing to join Torneko for five in-game days at a time. He lends his considerable physical strength and bulk to Torneko's quest for treasure. Due to having a fear of dogs, however, he won't join if Torneko has Fido with him. After Chapter 3 has ended, he is no longer recruitable.

In Chapter 5, his fortune is told to him by Meena just before the Hero arrives in Endor. He remains in front of the church in Endor for the remainder of the game.


Attribute Stats
Level Unknown
HP 82
MP 0
Strength 30
Agility 15 (8 in the NES Version)
Resilience 7 (Not listed in the NES Version)
Wisdom 8 (Not listed in the NES Version)
Luck 10 (Not listed in the NES Version)
Attack 58
Defence 29 (33 in the NES Version)
Initial gear Iron lance, Chain mail (Bronze armour
in the NES Version), Leather shield

In Other Languages[edit]

Language Translation Meaning
ICON-FLAG-ES.png EspañolManoloDimunitive of the name Manuel