The Cistern Chapel

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"This isn't the first time I've accompanied a treasure-seeking merchant to this cave.
I have to warn you, though - we've always come back empty-handed.

Hardie, in The Cistern Chapel (Mobile)

The Cistern Chapel (formerly Cave of the Silver Statuette) is a dungeon in Dragon Quest IV.

It is not necessary to enter this dungeon, but it holds a Silver Goddess statue that can be sold to a villager in Endor for a significant sum of gold.

The "Chapel" is a cave filled with channels of flowing water, which must be raised and lowered to properly spelunk its depths. If Hardie is present, he will mention that he has been hired as protection by many would-be treasure hunters in the past and that none of them have so much as caught a glimpse of the statue before being forced to retreat.

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  • If Torneko does not obtain the Silver goddess statue in Chapter 3, it will still be present and obtainable in Chapter 5 or Chapter 6. The item will be completely useless, however, since the buyer in Endor will no longer be interested in purchasing the statue.

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