Veronica (Dragon Quest IV)

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Veronica (Mia in the NES version) is a minor character in Dragon Quest IV. She is the Princess of Endor.

The player first encounters her in Chapter 2, when the King of Endor has promised her hand in marriage to the winner of the Endor Tournament. Veronica is bemoaning her fate and the king is seriously regretting having made his promise, but finding himself unable to go back on it having made a public declaration. Tsarevna Alena enters and wins, absolving both of their duty.

Later, in Chapter 3, Torneko learns that Veronica and Regan, the Prince of Ballymoral, are in love and wish to marry. By exchanging their letters and secretly apprising Veronica's father of the situation, Torneko causes the engagement to go through. The King of Ballymoral, having discovered that he will suitable influence in Endor thanks to this arrangement, calls off his plan to make war on Endor.