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Dragon Quest series character
Dragon Quest IV
DQIV Orifiela.png
Japanese Name ルーシア
Rōmaji Ruushia
Class Zenithian
Race Zenithian
Age Ageless

Orifiela (Lucia originally) is a temporary playable character in Dragon Quest IV. When the party finds her, she has somehow fallen out of the sky and landed in the branches of the World Tree. They help her come to and she points out the Zenithia Sword, then helps them to reach Zenithia itself. After leaving the party, she offers up Sparkie, her pet dragon, to travel with the party in her place. After she leaves the party, dialogue from a Zenithian NPC seems to imply that Orifiela is the Hero's mother.

Selected Quotes[edit]

"Could this angel we heard of be perchance a denizen of Zenithia? I did once hear tell of one among our number descending to the realm below, and taking the hand of a mortal in marriage...

  • Speaking to the princess in the garden of Casabranca.

"Hero, this is amazing...Only Zenithians can use the Zenithian Equipment... Does this mean that you are one of us..?

  • Overworld party chat once Orifiela has been rescued.

(Yawn) Would it be frowned upon, I wonder, to sleep a little longer?

  • Awakening at the Wood-Cutter's cabin.

"AHHHH!!! Help me, this place is full of monsters!"



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  • As with Healie & Laurel, Orifiela's healing spell can be used manually outside of battle.
  • If Orifiela is kept in the wagon in the NES Version during the arrival to Zenithia, she will remain in your party for the rest of the game until Psaro the Manslayer is defeated as long as you chose to keep her. Though nothing is changed storywise, aside from not being able to get Sparkie. The Sony PlayStation and Nintendo DS remake prevent this by having her enter Zenithia once you're in the castle.
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