King of Edina

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King of Edina
Dragon Quest III
Japanese name エジンベア王
Romaji Ōshō no Ejinbea
Title King
Race Human

The King of Edina is the ruling monarch of the archipelago kingdom in the far northwest of the world in Dragon Quest III.


Dragon Quest III: The Seeds of Salvation[edit]

The King is much like his people, and looks down his nose at the common folk. He is more accepting of the Hero, however, and commends them for rising to such status despite their common birth. He brags about having a big heart and holding no reservations about speaking to bumpkins; this proves true when the player solves the riddle of the Edina castle and retrieves the Bottomless pot from the basement. Instead of demanding the return of the treasure his forebearers stole from Persistence, he is delighted that someone finally solved that puzzle and insists that the Hero keep it.

The King's minister sits on his throne at night while he is sleeping, but whether he knows of this or not--or if he'd even mind in the first place-- is unknown.

Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age[edit]

The King of Edina travels with his four peers to pay respect to the fallen King of the Necrogond after the Hero kills Baramos, but finds that the castle is still infested with monsters and that they seek to revive their master. He agrees with the King of Aliahan that there is a mastermind behind the plot, but is too afraid to confront the monster after reaching the stairwell leading to the basement of the castle. He and his guard witnessed the abduction of the King of Manoza's bodyguard and the latter attempted to pursue, but found that each step closer to the pit found him bombarded with an evil aura that overwhelmed him.

When Baramos revives inspite of the Necrogondolier's death, the King of Edina joins forces with the others and gathers his armies to do battle with the archfiend. Baramos' own forces have impeded the monarch's militia, however, and the Luminary is needed to crush the uprising. The King of Edina is found in the same spot as before, and explains that a black cloud swirled around the Necrogond not one moment after the Hero departed, and that is how Baramos revived.

After Baramos is killed, the King of Edina states that while the Luminary may be but a humble bumpkin there is no end to his incredible power. He reflects further after saying this, and considers that he has looked down on the ignoble for too long.