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This is a list of locations in Dragon Quest III: The Seeds of Salvation.


  • Aliahan: This circular continent is the start point of the game; it is also a castle town which is the capital of the continent. Ortega, father of the protagonist, is the national hero. At one time, it controlled the entire world, but war and revolution led to its being reduced to a single continent. The town contains the Hero's house and Patty's Party Planning Place. Its position suggests that it may correspond to the mythical lost continent of Mu.
  • Reeve: A small village north of Castle Aliahan. An old bomb maker lives here.
  • Romaria (Rome, Italy): A castle town in the northwestern continent of the world. The country is reachable from Aliahan via a Teleportal. The king's crown was stolen by Robbin' 'Ood.
  • Khoryv (in central Europe, possibly Kyiv, Ukraine): An Alpine village north of Romaria. A legendary martial artist lives here; he defeated a bear with only an Iron claw. The previous name, Kazave, is similar to Kazakhstan, in central Asia.
  • Skyfell Tower (in France): A tower to the southwest of Khoryv. It is the headquarters of Robbin' 'Ood. The original name, Tower of Shanpane, is presumably meant to be Champagne.
  • Norvik (in northern Europe): A village north of Khoryv. It has been cursed by the Faeries. Ortega has visited the village. It is probably named after “Norway”.
  • Super Secret Faerie Village: A village inhabited by Elves and wildlife located west of Norvik. It is ruled by a queen who forbids all contact with humans. It is represented on the world map as a forest clearing. It cannot be reached by the Zoom spell or the Chimaera wing.
  • Asham (on the Arabic peninsula): A town to the southeast of Romaria. This is a busy town, which has a store and a theater that are only open at night. Also some of the stores sell items at unusual prices.
  • Isis (in the southwestern Sahara): A castle town in an oasis in an immense desert west of Asham. It is ruled by a beautiful queen, modeled on Cleopatra. It is named after the Egyptian goddess Isis. There is a Pyramid to the north; it is the tomb of the royal family.
  • Portoga (Portugal): A castle town on the coast west of Romaria. It is the port where ships are built. The King is very fond of a rare and expensive Black pepper.
  • Nordy's Grotto: A cave to the north of Asham and Baharata that provides a link between them.
  • Baharata (India): A town east of Asham, next to the holy river. The Black pepper is grown here. But the pepper shop is closed, the owner's granddaughter, has been kidnapped by Robbin' 'Ood.
  • Alltrades Abbey (in Tibet or Nepal): A temple to the east of Baharata. Here one can change vocations.
  • Mur (in eastern Russia): A village to the northeast of the Alltrades Abbey. At one time Ortega stayed in this village. It cannot be reached by the Zoom spell or the Chimaera wing.
  • Theddon (in southern Africa): A ghost village; the inhabitants are only visible at night, and thus the stores are only open then. It cannot be reached by the Zoom spell or the Chimaera wing.
  • Lanson (Australia): An island village west of Aliahan. The village is small, but contains a large temple which opens on a desert surrounding a cave; Only one adventurer will be permitted to go to that cave.
  • Edina (England): The castle ruling the island country northwest of Romaria. This proud castle will not admit foreign visitors. In the castles dungeons is a hidden treasure, which can only be obtained by solving a Sokoban puzzle. There is no store or castle town. The name likely derives from Edinburgh.
  • Persistence (in North America): A town on the northeastern continent, reached by a maze of rivers (tributaries of the Mississippi-counterpart). It is famed for its talking horse. The original name, Soo, was probably meant to be Sioux.
  • Immigrant Town/New Town (New York): An undeveloped area east of Persistence; it can be built into a town by a Merchant party member. As time passes, the town grows. Eventually the merchant is overthrown by a revolution. It cannot be reached by the Zoom spell or the Chimaera wing.
  • Jipang (Japan): Known as the "golden country", Jipang consists of four small islands to the north of Aliahan. There is a village and a cave, where the dragon Orochi lives. (Jipang is an old Portugese name for Japan).
  • Manoza (Brazil): A castle town far to the south of Persistence. It was founded by the famous hero Simão, but the King's personality has mysteriously changed, and the citizens suffer from misgovernment. It can only be reached via Teleportals. The name is an anagram of "Amazon".
  • Pirates' Den[1] (in Argentina): The headquarters of a band of pirates, south of Manoza. It is nearly empty during the daytime, because the pirates are out sailing. It cannot be reached by the Zoom spell or the Chimaera wing.
  • Phantom Ship: A roaming ghost ship that appears in the waters between Romaria, Asham and Isis.
  • Lozamii: In the southeast of the world map, it is called “the forgotten island”. It has not been visited in many years, so the village has declined in prosperity. It is inhabited by an astronomer who espouses heliocentrism. It cannot be reached by the Zoom spell or the Chimaera wing. The name is “you do not see” spelled backwards (in Japanese).
  • Greenlad (Greenland): An icy island to the north of Persistence. The old man who lives there has an item from the Phantom Ship.
  • Leiamland (Antarctica): An icy island in the south. The shrine in the center of the island protects the egg of the immortal bird Ramia, and contains pedestal for the Six Orbs.
  • Maw of the Necrogond[1] (in central Africa): Northeast of the village of Theddon, it connect the base and top of the mountain Necrogond. It is the largest dungeon in the overworld.
  • Necrogond Shrine[1]: A shrine located on the other side of the Maw of the Necrogond, across from Baramos' Lair and the Great Pit of Giaga.
  • Castle of Dragon Queen (in Russia): A castle to the east of Khoryv, it is “the castle closest to Heaven”. The queen of the dragons is dying. The castle is surrounded by a ring of mountains, so it can only be reached with the aid of Ramia.
  • Baramos' Lair[1] (in central Africa): The castle of the devil Baramos, at the summit of Necrogond. It is a complicated structure. Since it is surrounded by mountains and water, it can only be reached with the aid of Ramia.
  • Great Pit of Giaga (in central Africa, by Lake Victoria): A great pit to the east of the castle of Baramos. The hole connects to the Underworld, but it is sealed until Baramos is defeated.
  • Cloudsgate Citadel[1]: The world above the Overworld only accessible by the Castle of the Dragon Queen. It's also home of Xenlon, a Dragon that can grant one of many wishes.


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The Underworld is the land of Alefgard from Dragon Quest. While a ship is available, it is not possible to travel to the other continents from Dragon Quest II. Alefgard is shrouded in eternal darkness by Zoma, so it is known as "the World of Darkness". The town and dungeons are mostly in the same positions (and have the same layouts) as in Dragon Quest, but there are a few places that cannot be reached without using the ship. Although characters in the game say that nobody has returned after falling into the Great Pit of Giaga, it is possible to use the Zoom spell or Chimaera wing to teleport between worlds.

  • Tantegel: The capital and largest city of Alefgard, at the center of the continent. It is immediately to the east of the spot where people fall from the Great Pit of Giaga. Zoma's Citadel can be seen across the sea from here. The relative position of the castle and castle town is opposite from Dragon Quest, but the same as in Dragon Quest II.
  • Galen's House: Home of the legendary wandering minstrel Galen. His Lyre of Ire is found in the basement. It is in the same location as the town named after him in Dragon Quest.
  • Kol: A village in the forest east-northeast of Tantegel. It is famed for its open-air bathing springs. The owner of the item shop is a swordmaker from Jipang.
  • Rimuldar: A town surrounded by a lake in the east of Alefgard.
  • Sanctum: A shrine located south of Rimuldar.
  • Damdara: A town in the desert south of the Mountain Cave. It is rumored that a valuable nugget of Orichalcum can be found here. It has not yet fallen into ruin in this game.
  • Cantlin: A town on a plateau southeast of Damdara. Most of the inhabitants have lost hope, and do not know what to do. It is not yet surrounded by a wall or protected by the Golem; one scholar in town is researching how to build the Golem from the first game.
  • Zoma's Citadel[1]: The castle of Zoma located in the center of Alefgard. Only via the hidden staircase can one reach Zoma. It contains moving floors and an infinite loop passage. While it is in the same position as the Dragonlord's Castle in the first game, the internal structure is quite different, except for the ground floor.

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