Shallows Shrine

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The Shallows Shrine[1] is sunken crypt that rests almost perfectly north of the strait between the eastern and western continents of Dragon Quest III: The Seeds of Salvation.


Dragon Quest III: The Seeds of Salvation[edit]

The shrine rests atop a raised section of the seabed, just under the surface of the water so that passing ships can spot it--this is how rumors of the shrine spread through the world. To raise it from the depths, the Bottomless pot must be retrieved from the basement of castle Edina. Once tossed into the ocean, the jug lives up to it's name and swallows the surrounding water so that the party's ship can descend slightly and sail into the shrine.

Inside the shrine is a treasure chest set in the middle of an elaborate tile pattern, housing the Ultimate key. Beyond this is a jail door where a living skeleton sits on a throne. When spoken to, he states that he was entrusted with tales of the ancient times and reveals to the player the Great Pit of Giaga. He alludes to a greater danger than Baramos, stating that all forms of vile evil have crawled forth from the accursed pit.


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  1. Name given when Storeyteller is used in the Cell phone version.