Wrecking ball

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Wrecking ball
Japanese まほうのたま
Romaji mahō no tama
Old localizations Magic Ball, Magic Bomb
Found in Dragon Quest III
Effect Needed to journey to Romaria.

The Wrecking ball is a key item in Dragon Quest III: The Seeds of Salvation. After a couple decades, it returned in both Dragon Quest Builders games.

Dragon Quest III: The Seeds of Salvation[edit]

The ball was created by a man in the village of Reeve, who gives it to the heroes when they visit him. In order to enter his house, the heroes must use the Thief's Key.

The Wrecking ball is used by Erdrick against a wall blocking the way within the Path of Promise. Once placed on the wall, a special animation plays and the wall blocking the path to Romaria is destroyed.

Dragon Quest Builders[edit]

The wrecking ball is an important crafteable item in Dragon Quest Builders. It destroys everything in its surrounding area a few seconds after being placed. Wrecking balls can destroy hard blocks, and are needed to defeat large stone golems and the final boss from chapter 1.

It can be crafted from a Mason's workstation or a Machinist's workbench, and it requires three rockbomb shards, an iron ingot and a cord to produce three wrecking balls.

Dragon Quest Builders 2[edit]

There are two versions of the wrecking ball in the second Builders game, the normal one with more saturated colors as seen in Dragon Quest Builders and a weaker version with muted colors. They are first unlocked in Khrumbul-Dun.


  • If placed in a room with a light source in Dragon Quest Builders, it will unlock the "Doomed Room" recipe.
  • While they cannot be used as decorations normally in Dragon Quest Builders 2 as wrecking balls would explode after being placed, they can be used to camouflage a magne block, giving the impression that they are indeed decorative wrecking balls.