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Old localizations Poison moth powder, Bug powder
Found in Dragon Quest III
Dragon Quest VII
Dragon Quest IX
Buy for Varies
Sell for Varies
Effect Varies

Coagulant (also known as Poison moth powder or Bug powder in the GBC and PSX versions) is a usable item in Dragon Quest III and Dragon Quest VII and ingredient in Dragon Quest IX. In DQIX, it can be gathered outside the front gate of Stornway. It is infamously known for its paralyzing effect, although it can also cause confusion and disorientation. The poison moth knife is permanently imbued with toxin extracted from giant moths.


In Dragon Quest III and Dragon Quest VII, it has the same effect in battle as the Fuddle spell. In Dragon Quest IX, when thrown, it attempts to paralyze an enemy.


In DQIII, coagulant can be found in a chest in Isis & also found through searching in Jipang (GBC Version), and later found at shops in the following towns:

In DQVII, coagulant can be purchased in past El Ciclo, at the bridge for 310 gold.


In the NES Version of DQIII, it can be purchased for 500 gold coins and sold for 375, while in the GBC Version it can be bought for 310 gold coins and sold for 232.