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The Quarantomb is a dungeon in Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies. It is located northwest of Coffinwell.

It contains the "Ragin' Contagion"; a deadly virus which, when not restrained, infects the town of Coffinwell.


The Quarantomb was supposedly discovered by the people of Coffinwell who rashly decided to venture inside. In doing so they managed to release a curse or contagion upon the town. Once they defeated the Ragin' Contagion they sealed it in a jar in the centre of the tomb. The mayor of Coffinwell is the only person who has the key to the Quarantomb.


During the earthquake at the beginning of Dragon Quest IX the jar containing the Contagion was broken, allowing it to escape and to infect the town of Coffinwell again. The player must enter the Quarantomb, and fight the Contagion while Dr. Phlegming repairs the seal on the jar. Once this is done the Contagion is trapped and Coffinwell returns to normal.


The player must agree to accompany Dr. Phlegming to the Quarantomb to protect him during his research there. The player must also get the key from Mayor Laria.


Past the entrance to the Quarantomb is a stone pillar inscribed with a poem, mentioning Sages. Past that is a locked door, set with two jewels. The player must find the two Sage statues in the top left and right corners, and flip switches on their backs. The statues will emit beams of light which will bounce off various mirrors around the tomb and hit the door. The doors will then open and the player will be able to face the Ragin' Contagion.

There are several Red Chests and Blue Chests around the tomb.

Due to the possibility of finding the Metal slime the Quarantomb is a good place to train quickly during the early stages of the game.

Monsters in the Area[edit]

Dragon Quest IX (DS)  
Enemy Gold Exp Drop Item
#042 Mean spirit 66 G 99 Silk robe
Pointy hat
#043 Magus 80 G 90 Wizard's staff
Magic water
#044 Mummy boy 60 G 105 Grubby bandage
#045 Earthenwarrior 66 G 110 Scale shield
Soldier's sword
#046 Metal slime 20 G 4096 Strong medicine
Seed of life



  • As with other Dragon Quest IX names, the name "Quarantomb" is a play on the words "quarantine" and "tomb".
  • Some of the Quarantomb is partially flooded, hinting at damage due to the earthquake.
  • The setting of Quarantomb seems to be a play on Mausoleum of the First Qin Emporer, in which there is the Terracotta Army, that seems to be the origin of Earthenwarriors.

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