Godbird's soulstone

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Godbird's soulstone
Japanese 神鳥のたましい
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Found in Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King
Effect Allows the user to fly.

The Godbird's soulstone is a unique and essential item in Dragon Quest VIII. The item allows the party to turn into a bird and fly around the world. It is needed to beat the game, as the final boss cannot be reached without it.


The Godbird's soulstone is obtained near the end of the game. Despite failing to protect Empyrea's egg from Gemon, the soul of Empyrea's baby still remained and decided to aid the party in their quest to defeat Rhapthorne. Empyrea's baby then became the Godbird's soulstone, granting the party the ability to fly and reach the Black Citadel.

The Soulstone can only be used in the World of Light.

  • The 3DS version of the game added a shortcut to the touch screen that allows the party to instantly use the Soulstone without having to go into the menu.