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Dragon Quest VIII
DQVIII Dominico.png
Japanese name ハワード
Romaji Hawādo
Title Master

Great Dominico

Race Human

"Helping the Great Dominico is an honour, is it not!?"

Dominico is a character in Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King.

He lives in the mansion in Arcadia, and is the former master of David and owner of Sir Leopold.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Dominico is a short and stout man with a pot belly, pronounced lips and beady black eyes. His face is covered in stress lines, and his thick eyebrows are often furrowed. He has short brown hair and mutton chops that meet as a mustache. His outfit consists of a long-sleeved lime green tunic with an orange collar, and a purple robe with the same orange around the edges. Around his waist is a black sash, and a lime green hat with a veil similiar to a mitre with an orange symbol on the front. He also wears darker purple baggy pants, and brown pointed flats. Around his neck sits a large necklace made up of of black orbs.

A conceited and unruly man, Dominico holds himself in a high regard and sometimes refers to himself in the third person as "the Great Dominico". He is an accomplished and famous magician, and acknowledges after David's death that he let that power go to his head. Even though he took David in as a child, he would abuse and scorn him in any way possible. Following David's murder, he finally realized how terrible he had been and realized he needed to change, becoming more humble and compassionate too late.


Dominico is encountered by the party in Arcadia, where he is found in his mansion being threatened by a possessed Jessica Albert. Dominico uses a magical barrier to repel Jessica, then orders the Hero to find a man named Rydon in order to get the Kran Spinels, two valuable gemstones which may allow him to create a stronger barrier.

When the party returns to Dominico's mansion, they see Dominco in the courtyard accusing David of trying to poison Sir Leopold's food, then ordering him to eat it on the ground much like a dog. Later, he orders the Hero to go retrieve a spell book that will allow him to create the new barrier. After finding out that Jessica has been spotted outside, Dominico orders the party to fight her to stall for time. After Evil Jessica's defeat, Dominico knocks the sceptre out Jessica's hand with the barrier, freeing her from Rhapthorne's control.

Sir Leopold goes missing the next day and Dominico orders David to search for him. Shortly after, he discovers David had been murdered by a possessed Sir Leopold, who had picked up the scepter earlier and was under Rhapthorne's control. He learns from the Hero that David was descended from Kupas, one of the seven sages who sealed Rhapthorne away long ago, and was in reality the target all along. Dominico begins to mourn David, suddenly feeling remorse for how he had treated him all his life.

Dominico later explains that he had finally realized his family's reason for existing, which was to protect the descendant of the great sage Kupas. He regrets not being able to protect David, and decides to honor him with a funeral befitting of a descendant of a Sage, but acknowledges that he will never be able to fully atone for what he had done. Telling the group that Leopold was last seen heading north of town, he asks the hero to kill Leopold and avenge David then wishes them luck.

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