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Dragon Quest VIII
DQ VIII Android David.jpg
Japanese name チェルス
Romaji Cherusu
Race Human

David is a character in Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King.

He lived in the mansion in Arcadia, and was the former servant of Dominico and descendant of Kupas.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

David was a slender young man. He had a partial black bowl cut parted in the middle and one lock of hair that hangs in front of his face, and his eyes were always closed making his eye color unknown. He wore a brown ragged tunic with a v neck collar and a green long sleeved shirt underneath, cinched at the waist with a brown belt. His fitted pants were brownish, and he wore black shoes.

David was timid but friendly, and quick to greet the party with kindness. Although he was constantly being humiliated and abused by Dominico, he smiled and stated that he was grateful he was given a home at all and continued to be loyal to his master up until his death.


David was the descendant of Kupas and visited Arcadia while traveling the world. He was penniless, starving, and tired when he arrived but, Dominico took him in as a servant at his mansion which made David extremely grateful and loyal to Dominico. His job included looking after Dominico's dog, Sir Leopold.

Evil Jessica arrived in Arcadia at Dominico's mansion, searching for David because he was descended from Kupas. Dominico, however, believed she was there for himself rather than David. The Hero, Yangus, and Angelo, stop her from attacking them.

After Evil Jessica's defeat, she returns back to her normal self but the sceptre is lost after Sir Leopold takes it while everyone is distracted. After his disappearance, David is ordered to look for him. During a visit, the party see David in the courtyard getting attacked by an Evil Sir Leopold, who has been possessed by Rhapthorne's sceptre. He mortally wounds David and escapes. David talks to the Hero and before dying, he telling them to find Sir Leopold because he is "the only thing that makes Master Dominico happy". Dominico finds David dead, he then realizes that he was the descendant of Kupas and is finally washed with remorse for everything he had done to David. He tells the Hero to find Sir Leopold and kill him, to avenge David's death.


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