Kran Spinels

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The Kran Spinels is a key item in Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King.


Warning: Spoilers!
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The Hero and his party are assigned to retrieve the Kran Spinels for Dominico in order to create a defensive spell again Evil Jessica. The first lead is Rydon Kranbartle at his tower by his own son.

Upon getting to the top to question Rydon, he informs the party that he no longer has them in as they were put into a statue by Alexandria Kranbartle.

Recalling the previous visit to the Tower of Alexandra, The Hero and company climb to the top and receive them from Alexandra's spirit in order to save Jessica from her predicament.

Incidentally, Yangus despite his background as a thief expressed unfamiliarity with the jewels, while Red was possibly aware of them due to her magazine Family Jewels mentioning them.


A pair of precious jewels that were set into the eyes of the statue of Alexandra.[1]