Nebula sword

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Nebula sword
Nebula sword IX artwork.png
Japanese りゅうせいのつるぎ
Romaji Ryūsei no tsurugi
Old localizations None
Found in Dragon Quest IX
Dragon Quest XI
Effect May lower defense

The Nebula sword is a one-handed sword that first appeared in the ninth game. It is a powerful blade that serves as part of the transmutive upgrade chain that culminates in the almighty Hypernova sword.


Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies[edit]

 Nebula sword  (DS)
Rarity ★★★★☆
Attack +155
Equipable by Warrior, Thief, Minstrel, Gladiator, Armamentalist, Omnivocational master
Recipe Stardust sword x 1, Agate of evolution x 1, Silver orb x 1
Buy Price N/A
Sell Price 24,000
Flavor text An unbelievable blade that dulls the defense of the foes it fights.

Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age[edit]

Nebula sword DQXI Logo EN.png
Nebula sword xi icon.png
An almost unstoppable bejeweled blade that can lower the defence of any enemy struck
Stats with forge buffs
Attack +123
Charm +30
10% chance to Sap target
Price Location
N/A Fun-Size Forge
Forging difficulty
Stardust sword x1, Agate of evolution x1, Evencloth x1, Lucida shard x1
Hero XI sprite walk.gifErik sprite walk.gifSylvando sprite walk.gifHendrik sprite walk.gif

The guide for creating the nebula sword is the A Hero's Book of Basic Weapons, which is found in the Tower of Lost Time.