Friendly fan

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Friendly fan
Friendly fan IX artwork.png
Japanese きりんのおうぎ
Romaji Kirin no ougi
Old localizations None
Found in Dragon Quest IX
Effect Restores HP to a single ally when used as a tool in battle.

The Friendly fan is a fan that appears exclusively in Dragon Quest IX. Featuring the design of a mythical beast, it restores HP to an ally when used in battle.


The friendly fan is a golden and silver folding fan that features a design of a kirin, a hooved animal from Chinese mythology.


Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies[edit]

DQIX Friendly fan.png Friendly fan DQIX Logo.png
Friendly fan IX artwork.png
A fan that can fix a friend's wounds if used as an item in battle.
Rarity Stats Vocations
★★★☆☆ Attack +112 IXmartialartisticon.pngIXminstrelicon.pngIXluminaryicon.png
Restores 75~94 HP to a party member when used as a tool in battle.
Price Location
45,000/22,500 Sold in Stornway in the postgame.
Rarely dropped or stolen from Godsteeds and Tantamounts.
Ingredient 1 Ingredient 2 Ingredient 3
DQIX Solar fan.png
Solar fan
Life bracer
Life bracer
DQIX Horse manure.png
Horse manure x9


  • The friendly fan's Japanese namesake, the kirin, is said to be an equine beast with the scales of a dragon, the mane of a lion, and the tail of an ox. It only appears in areas ruled over by benevolent emperors, explaining their scarcity throughout history. This Oriental chimera would also be the inspiration for the Godsteed monster and its pallet swaps.
  • The friendly fan is the only alchemy recipe in the game that uses horse manure.

In Other Languages[edit]

Language Translation Meaning
ICON-FLAG-ES.png EspañolAbanico amigableSpanish for "friendly fan".
ICON-FLAG-FR.png FrançaisÉventail évoluéFrench for "advanced/broad-minded fan".
ICON-FLAG-DE.png DeutschFreundlicher FächerGerman for "friendly fan".
ICON-FLAG-IT.png ItalianoVentaglio dell'alleanzaItalian for "fan of the alliance".