Ethereal armour

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The ethereal armour is a suit of armour in Dragon Quest IX. This fully upgraded form of the magic armour has taken on a red and dark hue and provides exceptional protection against magical damage.


DQIX ethereal armour.png  Ethereal armour
Defence +47
Magical Might +10
Magical Mending +10
Rarity ★★☆☆☆
Equipable by Warrior, Priest, Thief, Minstrel, Gladiator, Paladin, Armamentalist, Sage, Luminary
Buy Price N/a
Sell Price 7,400
Flavor text A stupendous suit of armour that staves off spells.
Notes Reduces damage taken from fire, ice, lightning and wind spells by 18%.
Reduces damage taken from darkness spells by 15%.
Recipe: Enchanted armour + Ethereal stone