Liquid metal helm

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Liquid metal helm
Liquid metal helm current.png
Japanese はぐれメタルヘルム
Old localizations Helm of the Lone Metal Slime
Found in Dragon Quest IV
Dragon Quest IX
Dragon Quest XI
Buy for N/A
Sell for N/A
Effect Increases wielder's defence, in some games protects against status effects.

The Liquid metal helm is a recurring helmet in the Dragon Quest series. It is a high-level helmet that is typically one of the most protective pieces of headwear in the game and occasionally confers protection against status effects to the wearer. It features an emblem of a Liquid metal slime on the front.


Dragon Quest IV: Chapters of the Chosen[edit]

NES version: In the Dragon Warrior IV NES version you can obtain one Metal Babble Helm by trading in 20 mini medals to the Medal King for one Metal Babble Helm. It can be worn by Male Hero, Female Hero, Cristo, Taloon, Ragnar.

Nintendo DS, Android, iOS version: The Liquid metal helm has a defence bonus of +50, and protects against confusion, paralysis, and sleep. It can be worn by Male Hero, Female Hero, Torneko, Ragnar, Kiryl, Meena. It is obtained from the casino for 100,000 in the immigrant town or from a Metal king slime either by winning it or by Torneko randomly stealing one. It's best to have the Sands of Time item and enter a battle with Metal king slime with another monster who won't run away. Also have everybody defend except for Torneko who will randomly steal a Liquid metal helm. If the Metal king slime runs away or Torneko accidentally kills one, use the Sands of Time to bring the Metal king slime back to the battle. It is much harder to buy the expensive Liquid metal helm as you'll have to gamble at the monster arena for many hours and it's much quicker to randomly steal one from Metal king slime.

Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies[edit]

DQIX Metal slime helm.png  Liquid metal helm  (DS)
Defence +37
Rarity ★★★☆☆
Recipe Metal slime helm + Orichalcum + Slimedrop x6
Equipable by Warrior, Minstrel, Gladiator, Paladin, Armamentalist, Luminary
Buy Price N/A
Sell Price 17,500
Flavor text Priceless protection packed with the power of liquid metal slimes.
Notes Increases resistance to Snooze, Fizzle, and Whack by 20%.
Upgrades into Metal king helm.

Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age[edit]

Dragon Quest Swords[edit]

The liquid metal helm is obtained from King Latem the first time he is defeated.


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